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Skincare and cosmetics clinical trials

Create clinically proven product claims to support your skincare, cosmetic, or personal care brand, and show that your products work and are safe to use.

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Differentiate your brand

Embed scientific validation into your brand 

Most skin care, cosmetic and personal care products promise a lot. From fewer wrinkles to improved hyperpigmentation and younger-looking skin. Positive reviews are great, however, most consumers also want to see that the claims you make are research-backed.

Our clinical trial platform supports the clinical testing of your skincare, cosmetic and personal care products and helps you to substantiate your product claims. 

Many roads lead to scientifically proven claims 

Most brand owners and employees believe that there is only one way to create claims for skincare, beauty, or other personal care products: through instruments. Fact is, using instruments in clinical trials also means that you have to involve at least one research site in your study, which makes the whole study very expensive - too expensive for most brands. But did you know that you can also conduct clinical trials in a cheaper, but still scientifically valid way? Think of supercharged “customer perception studies” that are more scientific and count as a clinical trial. Here is an overview:  

Site-based studies including instruments

This is what most beauty, skincare, and personal care brands have in mind when they approach us: a clinical study involving instruments, dermatologists, and professional before-and-after pictures. This setting is very expensive. Luckily, you have options! 

Virtual studies

Consumer-perception studies

More and more brands are opting for virtual (or decentralized) clinical trials, which are more cost-efficient. The design of the study and questionnaires will make it scientifically robust. Brands can still opt for before-and-after pictures and can also select expert skin grading. 

Consumer perception studies are the easiest and most resourceful way to create claims for your products. Consumer perception studies are not clinical trials though, as they are usually not very scientific. 

How we can help your clinical trial come to life

Citruslabs is your digital CRO partner 

Clinical trials don’t have to be complex. We simplify the process for you and make sure to get the data you need to create claims for your product packaging and marketing. With Citruslabs, you can expect that we take care of the following for you: 

Study design

Study materiel development

Data collection/analysis

Clinical Protocol creation

Patient Recruitment/Retention

Laboratory services

IRB process & Site selection

Protocol Adherence/Compliance

Clinical report & claim examples

Case study

Common Heir partnered with Citruslabs to stand out from the crowd

The Challenge

Common Heir is a skincare brand that launched in April 2021. Given that new skincare lines are popping up left and right, it was important for them to show from the start that their products and claims are actually backed by research. 

The Solution

In just 5 months, Citruslabs designed, conducted, and completed a clinical trial for Common Heir, with claims ready for their launch day. From day one on, Common Heir created trust towards their new user base, by proving the efficacy and safety of their products through a clinical trial.

Read the full case study>

Products used

Study design

IRB process

Patient recruitment

Patient adherence 

Data collection

Data analysis


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