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The power of Science-backed Product Claims: accelerate business growth for your Pet Wellness brand

At Citruslabs, we empower your pet brand to become a leader in the industry, harnessing the power of research to set new standards of excellence for this emerging marketplace. Establish yourself as a science-forward industry leader.


Research studies for pet health and wellness products

What are the emerging research opportunities in the field of pet health and wellness products?

Citruslabs prioritizes ethical research practices. This is why It’s very important for us to clarify that we don’t conduct studies ON animals but that we conduct studies WITH animals. Our innovative approach allows study participants to engage in research from their own homes, ensuring a stress-free environment for the pets. Our focus is solely on observational research, avoiding invasive procedures such as bloodwork. Instead, we use validated instruments and scales to assess behavior changes, providing insights into the overall well-being of the animals. Depending on the specific study, our expert team of veterinarians evaluates the health and well-being of the animals through telehealth consultations, as well as standardized videos and photographs, ensuring a comprehensive and humane approach to pet health and wellness research. 

Why you should consider a research study

Differentiate your pet brand with a research study

Consumers are expecting research studies for their personal supplements and cosmetic products, and they don’t expect anything less for products that they buy for their fur babies. As the pet health market is growing, you can differentiate your brand by including science-backed product claims in your marketing. After all, consumers tend to purchase products with science-backed product claims over those that have not been studied. Brands that worked with Citruslabs have seen an increase in website and ad conversions, and had an easier time getting into retailers.

pet health claims graphic 1.png

*These claims are for information purposes only. They are not intended as legal advice or guidance.

As an added perk, you can showcase the Citruslabs Tested Seal on your products to underline your dedication to research and transparency.

Work with the research experts

Why Citruslabs for your pet health research studies?

Citruslabs is the fastest-growing provider of research studies for consumer brands. Our expertise spans a diverse range of products, including supplements, cosmetics, superfoods, and devices. We specialize in conducting gold-standard randomized controlled trials, single-group studies, and consumer perception studies. Our track record speaks for itself, showcasing our deep understanding and proficiency in this arena. Now, we’re leveraging our experience and collaborating with leading experts in veterinarian science to deliver high-quality observational research studies. Our mission is to enhance the value proposition of your pet health products by rigorously validating their efficacy. As a result, you can craft substantiated science-backed claims that elevate your brand, driving both business growth and consumer trust in this fairly new market.

Marketing backed by science

Why Citruslabs

From Human to HUMANe

We might have started out with clinical research studies for wellness brands for humans, but have soon found the importance of extending our services to the pet sector. With a growing need for transparency and the importance of finding the right products for our furry friends, we have seen that research-backed claims are essential to position your brand as science-forward leader in a highly competitive market. And yes, we have a vet on board to support you along this research journey. 

Besides, our team is personally involved with fostering and adopting animals, which makes this expansion of services not only a business mission, but also a very personal one.

Science, meet marketing

Research-backed product claims are now more important than ever. We test different products in the pet health and wellness world for their efficacy and find out

if these products actually work and make a difference.

Here is what we have experience with


Flea products


Pee pads

Grooming supplies

Deworming products


and much more 

Customized study design for your pet products

Creating a customized study that meets your needs, budget, and goals is our bread and butter. Regardless of what type of pet product you want to put to the test, we will work together to find the right study design and methodology. By tailoring each research study to your timeframe and study goals, we ensure an effortless approach that puts your brand in the spotlight. 

New Report Shows Pet Owners Seek Clinical Research to Verify Products

Want to know how pet owners decide which products to choose for their pets? We surveyed over 1,200 pet parents to get their insights in this dynamic, 17-page report. Our report outlines everything you’ll want to know about your ideal customer–their motivations, spending habits, what they don’t like in their pet products, and more.

Importance of data-driven product claims

Choosing data-driven product claims gives brand owners several advantages: It establishes credibility through scientific evidence, fostering consumer trust. Personalized connections with the audience address specific needs, while promoting transparency showcasing a commitment to openness and compliance with FTC/FDA regulations. In the competitive pet health and wellness landscape, data-driven claims act as a compass, guiding brands toward credibility, resonance, and transparency.

Consumer trust and


Let's face it: pets don’t buy your products and can’t verbally express their preferences or tell us how they feel...but their owners can! And a fun fact: the owners are making the purchasing decision! In today’s market, transparency is critical.


With information at everyone’s fingertips, consumers and pet owners are actively seeking products and services that offer clear, credible, verifiable information. This does not stop at product claims. Our role is to bridge this gap, providing the transparency and trust your consumers are looking for. 



Backing up your product claims with science is not a “nice to have” - it’s indeed a necessity based on FTC and FDA regulations. Making product claims without any scientific substantiation could result in a warning letter from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). 

Sounds daunting?


You have nothing to worry about if you are truthful and transparent about your research studies.

Company growth and

channel expansion

Data-driven and research-backed product claims are the driving force behind business growth and channel expansion for pet health and wellness brands. By establishing credibility and trust with consumers through scientific evidence, brands attract a loyal customer base and gain entry into new markets.

This commitment to transparency not only strengthens existing channels but also opens doors to collaborations and partnerships, propelling your brand toward sustained success and broader market reach.

Flexibility and cost-effectiveness

Research  that doesn't break the bank

Rest assured, regardless of which study design you decide on - research doesn't have to strain your budget. A robust study design is key, and our use of cutting-edge technology and automation is transforming research study standards. Say goodbye to excessive budgets and study delays—they're now a thing of the past. We're flexible and can work within (almost) any budget.

We make conducting your research study for pet products effortless

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