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Dive deeper into clinical research for brands in our upcoming webinars where we regularly invite relevant experts from the industry and discuss the most important topics. Or learn at your own pace with our on-demand webinars to make informed choices about enrolling your products in a clinical trial.

The Rise of Science-Backed Pet Wellness Brands


Get an inside peek into the integral role of research-backed product claims in shaping the pet health industry and discuss strategies for navigating product claims, regulatory guidelines, and shifting consumer expectations.

AI for Brands: Showcase Your Study Results with Smarter Email Campaigns


While communicating your study results in fresh, personalized email campaigns can be time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be! Learn how you can use email marketing to showcase your study results, leveraging AI to streamline your strategy and personalize your outreach.

Transform Research into a source of Product Pride: Maximizing ROI in Clinical Trials


By choosing the right study design, including the right methodologies, and integrating your research into your marketing efforts, you can boost your brand’s credibility and visibility, increase sales, and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Demystifying Research Study Design: Ask the Experts Anything!


Join our research team for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session! Before the session, submit your questions to We'll cover a range of topics during the live Q&A, addressing your specific questions on all things clinical trials!

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