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Inside Semaine: The rise of science-backed brands with Matt Crane from Semaine

Join Matt Craine of Semaine and Susanne Mitschke of Citruslabs for an informational discussion on implementing clinical trials into a brand's identity. Learn why Semaine decided to go the extra mile and is looking for clinical results, and why the team believes that brands can increase their chance of success through implementing research-backed product claims into their marketing. Get an understanding of how clinical trials work and what to pay attention to in the process.

​​- Semaine's brand story and why they are building their brand around research
​​- Clinical trials vs. consumer perception studies
​​- When to conduct a clinical trial (timing)
​​- How to design a clinical trial
- Budget
- Setting expectations
- What makes a great clinical trial
- Managing a clinical trial
- Creating claims that are research-backed

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