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The Science-Backed Claims that are Winning Consumer Trust in 2024

Discover the latest findings on consumer perception of product claims and their influence on brand loyalty. Our report dives into the nuances of consumer behavior, exploring the significance of research-backed product claims in shaping long-term brand allegiance.

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New Report Shows Pet Owners Seek Clinical Research to Verify Products

In the pet health industry, trust is everything. Your commitment to the health and wellness of pets sets you apart. But are your product claims enough to attract the attention of skeptical pet parents? We have the answers for your brand in our Pet Health Report 2024.

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Dive into the Minds of Your Wellness Consumers with Our Exclusive Report!

Delve into consumer attitudes towards clinical trials and product claims, exploring whether consumers prioritize clinical evidence and comprehend the significance of product claims. Discover insights into consumer willingness to invest in clinically tested products and their perceived value.

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