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Make Product Claims Based on Your Own Research

How to Conduct Clinical Research: Enroll in Citruslabs' Exclusive Masterclass!

Are you a wellness brand professional eager to elevate your products with compelling, research-backed claims…but maybe your budget isn’t quite big enough to engage in a full clinical trial? We have a DIY solution.

Citruslabs presents an on-demand e-course, Masterclass: How to Conduct Clinical Research

Why This Masterclass?

Consumers are increasingly savvy and demand proof, not just promises about what a product can do for them. Additionally, the FDA and FTC have strict regulations when it comes to product claims and false advertising. Your ability to leverage clinical research can set your brand apart and keep your brand compliant.

This masterclass, guided by industry expert Susanne Mitschke, will equip you with the know-how and step-by-step instructions to conduct clinical research that not only validates your products but also resonates with your audience. And the best part - it's free!


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What Will You Gain?

In-depth Knowledge: From formulating a research question to understanding study designs and crafting impactful product claims.

Practical Skills: Learn the nuances of participant recruitment, study implementation, and navigating between virtual and site-based studies.

Marketing Edge: Discover how to use research to build compelling, credible product claims that speak directly to your consumers.

Who Is It For?

This class is for the average wellness brand professional–no need to have a history or experience in clinical research! Susanne makes it easy to understand and goes into depth to explain the technical aspects–empowering you to research on your own.

Session Breakdown: Your Roadmap to Research


Setting Your Research Foundation

Begin your clinical research journey by defining your research question and understanding your study goals and outcomes. selecting the right study design, and understanding what variables you'll measure. Lay the groundwork for a successful study.

Ready to take a DIY approach?

Fill out the form and start your research project today!

PS - If all of this sounds great in theory, but a DIY approach isn’t for you, reach out to our team to discuss your options. We can work with (almost) any budget and we take care of the entire process from start to finish.

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