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Clinical trials for dietary supplements

Citruslabs provides everything you need - from start to finish - to successfully conduct your clinical study. You just sit back, relax and watch your clinical trial come to life.

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Why Citruslabs

A hands-off approach to your clinical trials

Citruslabs is a digital full-service CRO (contract research organization). As such, we turn clinical operations upside down and help you run smarter and more simplified clinical trials. From study design to study completion, we’ve got your back - regardless if you would like to work on the trial as well or outsource it completely to us. 

We make conducting clinical trials for dietary supplements effortless

Transparent study start-up 

Citruslabs provides you with a seamless study start-up experience. We design your study, write the clinical protocol and other study material, and make sure you will receive IRB approval for your study, all within a pre-set timeframe. At the same time, you can monitor and track how your clinical trial becomes a reality. 

Efficient participant recruitment 

Clinical trial patient recruitment is our bread and butter! With millions of potential study candidates in our database, enrolling the right study participants is efficient and inexpensive with Citruslabs. Also, study retention and compliance are part of our DNA. For us, recruitment starts with study design and ends with trial completion. 

Frictionless data capturing & analysis

Our optimized data capturing is reliable and offers brands a unique dataset to show the efficacy and safety of their dietary supplements. We create reports that consumers understand and brands can use our reports to create their unique health claims for their website and packaging. 

How we can help your clinical trial come to life

Citruslabs is your digital CRO partner 

We know that conducting a clinical trial can be daunting - this is why we help you with every step of it: 

Study design

Study materiel development

Data collection/analysis

Clinical Protocol creation

Patient Recruitment/Retention

Laboratory services

IRB process & Site selection

Protocol Adherence/Compliance

Clinical report & claim examples

Case study

Embody uses Citruslabs to substantiate their product claims

The Challenge

Clinical validation is a critical part of Embody’s brand.  They were looking for a clinical trial partner to help them with substantiating product claims for their website and packaging, all while being on a budget. 

The Solution

Embody chose Citruslabs for its simplified and budget-friendly approach to clinical trials. Just 4 months after project kick-off, Embody was able to publish product claims based on the clinical study conducted by Citruslabs. Even better, Citruslabs helped Embody to save more than 1,000% on their clinical trial, equalling a six-figure amount. 

Read the full case study>

Products used

Study design

IRB process

Patient recruitment

Patient adherence 

Data collection

Data analysis

Product claims

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Resourceful & Reliable

Maximize your health claims 

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) both require that brands support the health claims of their products with scientific evidence. Citruslabs can support your brand to create the necessary evidence through clinical trials. We support you in every step of the process to make your brand a success. 

Clinical trials for every budget

Clinical trials don’t have to be expensive in order to support the safety and efficacy of your products. It all comes down to a robust study design.  Through technology and automation, we’re setting new standards for clinical research. Mind-blowing budgets and costly study delays are a thing from the past. We can work with (almost) every budget!

We regularly support studies that include bloodwork and imaging, but even more support studies that use questionnaires as the only tool for primary data collection. Some of our clients follow a fully virtual approach to clinical trials (also called decentralized clinical trials), some follow a site-based approach to their clinical trials and some studies we support are hybrids - a mix of fully virtual and fully site-based clinical trials. With us, you can fully customize your clinical trial based on your budget and needs, with flexible integrations of any of the below options.


Virtual trials


Hybrid trials


Site trials



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