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Clinical trials for medical devices

Citruslabs provides simpler, faster clinical trials and supports you from study start-up to completion.


Why Citruslabs

Manage your clinical trial with ease

Finding the right study design

Citruslabs provides you with a seamless study start-up experience. We design your study, write the clinical protocol and other study material, and make sure you will receive IRB approval for your study, all within a pre-set timeframe. At the same time, you can monitor and track how your clinical trial becomes a reality. 

Accelerated recruitment

Clinical trial patient recruitment is our bread and butter. Through our proprietary database of millions of patients with different health conditions (and healthy volunteers), we ensure speedy recruitment for your study. 

Adaptable models

Regardless if you are looking for a site-based study or a decentralized clinical trial, we can support you. Having worked with several hundred sites in the US, we have a vast network to select the right ones for you or conduct your clinical study entirely virtual.  

How we can help your clinical trial come to life

Citruslabs is your digital CRO partner 

Clinical trials don’t have to be complex. We simplify the process for you and make sure to get the data you need. With Citruslabs, you can expect that we take care of the following for you:

Study design

Study materiel development

Data collection/analysis

Clinical Protocol creation

Patient Recruitment/Retention

Laboratory services

IRB process & Site selection

Protocol Adherence/Compliance

Clinical report & claim examples

Your clinical trial success

A complete clinical trial platform 

Citruslabs streams your clinical trial workflow by connecting the dots between study design, patient recruitment, and trial execution. Resourcefulness and speed are part of our DNA, all while providing you with a high-quality service that you can trust.

After all, most clinical trials fail because of patient recruitment (and dropouts). We take care of this through a targeted approach using health apps. Superior patient engagement is a given in any of our supported clinical trials to minimize dropouts and maximize your trial success.

Boosting study performance

At Citruslabs’ core is technology. Regardless if you are conducting a fully decentralized clinical study, a hybrid study, or a site-based study, our technology covers the following:



Virtual trials


Hybrid trials


Site trials


Case study

How Citruslabs streamlined Oxford VR’s clinical trial

The Challenge

Oxford VR provides commercially available VR technology to transform mental health. To aid their expansion to the US market, they needed a clinical study showing evidence of their claims and outcomes for people with mild to moderate mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. They were looking for a CRO that was supporting their budget and that could manage the trial on their behalf. 

The Solution

While the Oxford VR research team was designing the study, Citruslabs took over the writing of the clinical protocol and supporting study material to ensure a speedy IRB approval process. Recruiting and retaining high-quality patients in the study was particularly important, as all patients had to return the expensive headset after the study completion. The clinical trial was successfully completed to support the market entry of Oxford VR’s revolutionary immersive technology to support people with mental health problems. 

Read the full case study>

Products used

Study design

IRB process

Patient recruitment

Patient adherence 

Data collection

Data analysis

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