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Affordable research for all brands

Clinical research for every budget

Transparency and flexibility are at the core of our business. Our pricing structure is no different and is designed to cater to your individual needs. We help you find the perfect study design at a price that fits your budget and research objectives. Our services range from essential research offerings, included in all our studies, to customizable add-ons such as biomarkers or vital signs tracking, ensuring a comprehensive and customized approach to your research journey.


Single group clinical trial

The ASYSTEM Complete Calm system was very effective in helping participants get more sleep, have deeper sleep, experience fewer issues falling back asleep after waking up, have fewer difficulties falling asleep, and feeling more refreshed after sleeping.


Sleep tracking


Randomized Control Trial

In a placebo-controlled clinical trial, Supergut reduced A1c (avg. blood sugar over the past 3 months) by 0.7% in 12 weeks. We also saw significant improvements in other wellness indicators, including energy, sleep, digestive health, and more.



Blood work

Stool collection

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Flexible pricing tailored to your unique needs

We believe that every brand is unique, and so should its research be tailored accordingly. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach with the studies we conduct but customize everything to your specific goals. This is why our pricing can vary based on the diverse aspects of your research needs. Our focus is to ensure that you benefit from an innovative, budget-friendly solution that aligns with your specific research objectives.

Types and number of Product(s)


Potential add-ons

Company Budget

Our study options


Perception studies

Our perception studies unlock key insights into how consumers perceive your products. Methodologies include targeted surveys and interactive questionnaires that gather valuable data on the consumer mindset. This information can guide you towards more informed product development, marketing strategies, and
help you create accurate product claims.

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Single-group clinical trial

Single-group clinical trials provide initial yet crucial insights into your product’s performance. The insights collected from these studies can help advise product development and also give you invaluable information in substantiating and formulating compelling product claims, setting a strong foundation for future marketing strategies and clinical studies. 

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Randomized control trial

Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) are the gold standard of clinical research. They offer a robust way to measure a true cause-effect relationship between intervention and outcome. RCTs compare the outcomes between at least two groups and deliver comprehensive, reliable evidence that offers strong substantiation for evidence-based product claims. 

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Your All-Inclusive Research Study Kit:

Essential Components for Every Study

Discover what’s included in every Citruslabs study. We put together everything that’s required to plan and execute your high-quality clinical trial or perception study for your brand. This comprehensive offering ensures that no matter the specific study you embark on, you're fully equipped with the necessary tools for success. It's our way of guaranteeing that every project is supported by a robust baseline of resources, reflecting our commitment to excellence in research. 

Study Startup

Study Initiation Meeting

Study Execution

Participant ID Verification

Study Analysis & Completion

You own all Data

Study Design Consulting

Recruitment & Randomization

Full Data Analysis & Study Report

Study Material Revision

Compliance + Adherence

Citruslabs Tested Seal

Principal Investigator

Citruslabs Software Profile

Go further with our add-ons

At Citruslabs, we understand that each research project is unique. This is why we offer a range of specialized add-ons, carefully tailored to enhance the depth and breadth of your clinical study. These methods are designed not only to complement but also to significantly enhance the rigor of your research. Our goal is to provide you with flexible, customized solutions that meet your specific research objectives. 



At the heart of our add-ons are biomarkers, ranging from bloodwork to microbiome testing, urine
analysis, semen analysis, and skin analysis We also incorporate assessments like cognitive battery testing or utilize devices like CGMs (constant glucose monitors). This broad approach to biomarkers ensures that we collect comprehensive and objective insights that will enhance your study. 

Digital markers

We embrace cutting-edge possibilities that digital technologies bring to clinical trials. By integrating digital biomarkers into our studies, we enhance the monitoring and analysis of key physiological and behavioral parameters. For instance, we integrate sleep wearables, scales, or Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) for an accurate, nuanced understanding of the impact of your product.

Before and after pictures


Visual evidence is powerful in showcasing the efficacy of your product. Capturing before and after images of participants throughout your study is a fantastic method for visually tracking and assessing any physical changes or improvements. These images can be leveraged in your marketing assets, adding a different dimension to showcasing the results of your research.

Bloodwork can play a pivotal role in clinical trials. By diving deep into the markers of health & wellbeing, this method not only enriches your dataset and understanding of your product’s direct impact on the human body but also illuminates the pathways through which your product operates. Blood markers deliver clear, actionable insights into the effectiveness and safety of your product. 

Expert skin & hair grading

To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our evaluations, we include trained professionals to assess the participants’ skin or hair. This process enables us to provide a qualitative evaluation of the impact of your product on skin and/or hair health. By integrating professional expertise with our rigorous evaluation process, we ensure that every analysis accurately reflects the effectiveness of your product.

Stool markers

By analyzing microbiome samples, we not only gain critical insights into gastrointestinal health (through stool samples) but also the vaginal microbiome and the skin microbiome (through swaps). This holistic perspective on microbiome health is about redefining the boundaries of supplement and skincare research, leading the way in developing more effective, targeted, and personalized products. 

Why choose a clinical study with Citruslabs

Citruslabs is setting a new standard for creating research-backed product claims for consumer brands. Clinical trials don't need to be overly complex or expensive to show that your products actually work. We've created a clinical trial process so easy, you might actually enjoy it! See what other consumer brands are saying about their experiences with Citruslabs.

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