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The Rise of Science-Backed Brands - How to Create Research-Backed Product Claims

Join Henry Simonds of ASYSTEM and Susanne Mitschke of Citruslabs for an informational discussion on implementing clinical trials into a brand's identity. Learn why ASYSTEM sought out clinical research for their products, and why the team believes that brands can increase their chance of success through implementing research-backed product claims into their marketing. Get an understanding of how clinical trials work and what to pay attention to in the process.

​Here is what we will discuss:

​​​- ASYSTEM’s brand story and why they are building their brand around research
​​​- Clinical trials vs. consumer perception studies
​​​- When to conduct a clinical trial (timing)
​​​- How to design a clinical trial
​​​- Budget
​​​- Setting expectations
​​​- What makes a great clinical trial
​​​- Managing a clinical trial
​​​- Creating claims that are research-backed

Find out how to get research-backed claims

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