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Best Practices in Supplement Clinical Trials: A Brand’s Guide

Hear from Dr. Swathi Varanasi, a seasoned expert in clinical research, and Susanne Mitschke, CEO of Citruslabs for an educational webinar for supplement brand owners. Together, they dive into the complexities of conducting clinical trials for supplements, providing valuable guidance for wellness brands aiming to enhance their product credibility.

We explore the foundations of supplement clinical trials, gaining insights into their significance and the regulatory landscape that shapes them. Dr. Swathi Varanasi navigates the complex world of trial protocols, offering valuable perspectives on designing robust studies and addressing common challenges faced by supplement brands in the research domain.

Drawing inspiration from real-world case studies and success stories, this webinar provides tangible examples of how wellness brands have effectively leveraged clinical trials to validate their products.

You’ll learn:
- Key considerations in designing effective supplement clinical trials
- Strategies for staying compliant with regulations, while still getting the claims you need
- The impact of clinical validation on brand credibility and consumer trust
- Real-world insights from successful supplement trials
- The role of technology in improving the efficiency of clinical trials

Enroll your supplement in a clinical trial

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