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From Lab to Label: The Key for Building Trust and Preventing Consumer Skepticism

​In this webinar, we empower brands in the wellness, supplement, and cosmetic industry to gain a competitive edge and foster trust with consumers. Our expert panel discusses the importance of clinical trials and transparency, especially when presenting results to consumers.

​We explore best practices for making product claims, highlight key factors to consider when deciding which claims to pursue, and how to stay compliant with the FDA and FTC when making product claims.

​Our panel of industry experts includes representatives from brands we’ve previously worked with (Cristina from Parable and Heather from Bustos Law Group) who will share their insights and decision-making processes in these areas.

​Ultimately, our goal for this webinar is to provide actionable steps for building trust, help brands stand out in the crowded industry, and prevent consumer skepticism so that brands can succeed.

Build trust with your consumers

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