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Ethical Marketing and Transparency in the Age of Informed Consumers

Consumers are increasingly educated and skeptical about their purchases. Every day we’re seeing more lawsuits from consumers aimed at brands who have misled them in the pursuit of profits. The necessity for ethical marketing and transparency has never been more critical. This webinar, led by the experienced Susanne Mitschke, looks into the pivotal shift in consumer behavior and how it impacts wellness CPG brands.

As a wellness brand owner or marketer, you’ll get an inside peek into how consumers are approaching wellness products, as well as actionable strategies for building trust while standing out in a crowded marketplace.

Our special guest speakers, Hannah, Vice President of Retrouvé, and Jami, Co-Founder of Retrouvé, will share their valuable perspectives and insights. Together, we will explore why today's consumers demand more honesty and clarity than ever before and how this shapes the marketing landscape for wellness products, including skincare, supplements, and superfoods.

You'll learn:
- Insights into the evolving mindset of consumers in the wellness sector and how their increased knowledge affects buying decisions
- An in-depth look at ethical marketing in today's landscape and why it's essential for brand longevity.
- Strategies for effectively and honestly communicating product benefits, ingredients, and potential results to foster trust.
- How to leverage and present clinical research in marketing campaigns to educate and reassure your audience.
- Practical tips for establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust with your audience through honest marketing practices.
- Real-world examples from Retrouvé on how transparency and ethics have shaped their marketing strategies and consumer relationships.

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