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The Rise of Science-Backed Pet Wellness Brands

You probably knew already that pet food was a massive market with an estimated market size of $134 billion annually. However, supplements are also on the rise, with an estimated market size of $2.5 billion in 2022. As the pet health market booms, so does the flood of product claims. But are these claims backed by science? As consumer demand for scientifically backed pet products increases, the question of whether these claims are genuinely supported by rigorous research becomes more and more important. After all, despite the booming market, pet health lags about 7 years behind human health. We humans want our supplements to be backed by science, and we have the same standards – if not higher standards – for our furry family members. Unfortunately, many pet health studies are either non-existent or too small to be meaningful (picture this: studies with just 10-30 animals in a placebo-controlled study).

Consumers now demand transparency and solid research behind the products they buy for their pets. The latest Citruslabs Pet Health Report 2024 reveals that a whopping 95% of consumers prioritize products backed by research for their furry companions. This shift in consumer behavior highlights the need for pet health brands to not only meet regulatory standards but also provide evidence-based claims to foster consumer trust and ensure transparency.

Let’s change the pet health industry together!

In our webinar, Susanne Mitschke, CEO, and co-founder of Citruslabs, alongside Citruslabs’ veterinarians, Dr. Davide Stefanutti and Dr. Kathy Lewis, will explore the evolving landscape of the pet health industry. They will highlight the integral role of research-backed product claims in shaping the pet health industry and discuss strategies for navigating product claims, regulatory guidelines, and shifting consumer expectations. You will also receive tips on how to design your own study, and what to take into consideration when planning your research.

You'll learn:
- Insights into the current state of pet health research
- The do’s and don’ts of pet health research
- The potential of decentralized clinical trials and research, including telehealth, to create research-backed product claims in a cost-effective way
- How to leverage clinical research in marketing campaigns to educate your audience and gain a competitive advantage
- Insights into evolving consumer preferences, emphasizing the growing demand for transparency and the insistence on products validated by scientific research

Find out how to conduct clinical research for your brand

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