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Budgeting for Clinical Trials: A Comprehensive Guide for Brands

Are you interested in what a clinical trial can provide for your wellness products? Watch this webinar to get a detailed understanding of the costs and budgeting required for clinical trials. Hosted by Susanne Mitschke, CEO, and co-founder of Citruslabs and Travis Proctor, Director of Partnerships, this webinar will equip your brand with a thorough understanding of the clinical trial process, financial planning, and the key factors that influence clinical trial budgeting.

We’re sharing some of the most common questions brands have when it comes to budget and how we’re able to be one of the most affordable options for wellness CPG brands.

Whether you are a startup planning your first clinical trial or an established wellness brand looking to enhance your brand with clinical trial results, this webinar will provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions.

You’ll learn:
- Clinical trial phases and their associated costs
- Key factors influencing clinical trial budgeting and cost estimation
- Strategies to optimize clinical trial budgeting
- An overview of the regulatory compliance involved in clinical trial budgeting
- How to keep your trial affordable while getting the results you want

Find out how much yours will cost

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