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Product Claims 101 for Founders: Everything You Need to Know Before Launching Your Wellness Product

Congratulations! You discovered a wellness product that's going to change lives, just like it probably changed yours. It can feel overwhelming at this stage, but we're here to help! The wellness industry has seen immense growth in the past decade, with more brands on track to emerge into the market. In order to capitalize on the rising trends, you have to know how to establish trust with your audience, prove that your product actually works, and position your brand in a way that beats the competition.

At Citruslabs, our main focus are small to medium-size brands. We know exactly what you need to succeed and we keep our services affordable so you can grow and scale your business. Join us to tap into the insights we've collected from working with hundreds of brands just like yours.

Ready to launch?

From our blog - all about product claims

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