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Creating Product Claims: Think Like a Lawyer

Creating Product Claims: Think Like a Lawyer

You'll learn:

- ​FTC’s revisions to dietary supplement advertising guidelines​
- Recent updates to cosmetic laws in Congress
- What makes a robust clinical study​​​
- Different forms of study designs (we will discuss perception studies, single group clinical trials, crossover studies, and randomized control trials)

Learn the pros and cons of different clinical trial study designs and how they impact your ability to make certain product claims. Gain a general understanding of which types of claims are allowed, which ones are a big "no-no", and learn how clinical trials can make a difference in substantiating your product claims.

​​We cover the various methodologies to collect data as well as their advantages and disadvantages (for example, questionnaire only vs. bloodwork vs. objective skin measurements). You'll see ​​​​case studies presented by Bustos Law Group and ​​strategies on what to do when you receive an FDA warning letter.

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