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Natural ingredients to alleviate bloating

Arrae worked with Citruslabs to research their Bloat and Calm Alchemy
Capsules and their effects on bloating, gassiness, heartburn, and other symptoms of IBS that many individuals experience after meals. The study received IRB approval from Argus IRB and registered on This was an open-label single-arm clinical trial that used participant outcome methods for data collection. This means that there was one study group (the one that received the intervention); all participants received branded samples of the Arrae products and had to complete baseline as well as intervention questionnaires. 

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About Arrae

All-natural supplements for digestion and mind

Arrae was founded by Siff Haider and Nish Samantray on the simple principle to help women feel their best so that they can be their best. The company created 100% natural supplements for modern women because you should eat what you want - whether that means a salad with Brussels sprouts or a pizza. 

Arrae had already a lot of anecdotal data from its customers that their products work for bloating with no uncomfortable side effects. Arrae decided to put their products to the test and run a clinical study with Citruslabs. 

The products

Bloat is a blend of 5 herbs and fruit-based digestive enzymes that target the causes for bloating after meals. As digestive issues are sometimes linked with stress and anxiety, Arrae’s “Calm Alchemy Capsules” were also tested as part of this study to see if they work synergistically to “Bloat” in reducing bloating and other IBS symptoms after meals. Calm is a blend of 4 herbs, minerals, and vitamins that aim to calm down the body. 

Arrae Bloat

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Arrae Calm

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Study design

This was a single arm observational study over eight weeks. Participants received both, Bloat and Calm Alchemy Capsules and first took the Bloat Capsules alone for the first four weeks of the study, and after four weeks added Calm to their daily routine. Participants had to fill out a baseline questionnaire, as well as two intervention surveys and noted how their body coped with the intervention.

The participants

A total of 35 participants with a minimum age of 18 were enrolled in the study. All study participants presented with self-reported (undiagnosed) IBS symptoms, such as bloating, heartburn, abdominal pain or gas production, especially after meals. All participants were carefully screened by Citruslabs’ research coordinators and met the predefined study inclusion and exclusion criteria.


Quantifying the impact of Bloat and Calm Alchemy Capsules

This observational study Arrae was conducting is a great first step and foundational for their research. It established a baseline for their products and their effects and performance. The next step for Arrae would be to invest in a double-blind placebo-controlled study, the gold standard for clinical research. 

Aims & Objectives: To evaluate the perceptions of the effects of Arrae’s Bloat and Calm capsules in individuals with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Study design: Interventional and observational.

Methods: A total number of 35 participants with IBS symptoms were recruited to take a Bloat capsule supplement for 4-weeks and then Bloat and Calm capsules concomitantly for a further 4 weeks. The participants were surveyed using a questionnaire, and pictures of their abdomens were taken at each of the checkpoints to assess bloating.

Results: After using Bloat 83 % of study participants were satisfied with the results, 77 % had amelioration of symptoms within 1-2 hours, while 71% felt less gaseous. While using Calm along with Bloat, 86% were satisfied, 74% felt reductions in symptoms within 1-2 hours, while 77% felt less gaseous.

Conclusion: Arrae’s Bloat and Calm have shown promising results in the relief of individuals with self-reported IBS symptoms. Randomized control studies are suggested to further detail and quantify these results.


Arrae’s Bloat and Calm capsules alleviated IBS symptoms such as bloating and gas in study participants

This single-group study of 35 women together with the existing research showed the positive effect of supplementation to help individuals experiencing IBS symptoms.

86%  of study participants felt less bloated

77% of study participants felt less gassy

57% of study participants experienced less heartburn

77%  of study participants reported less IBS symptoms

65% of study participants felt less stressed

83% of participants were most likely to recommend the test product to a friend


Study participants experienced significantly improved bloating after meals after using the Bloat supplement. When combining the Bloat with Calm supplements a significant improvement of bloating symptoms could be seen as well. Participants reporting bloating ‘several times a week’ at baseline (31.4%) reported a sequential decrease in the same at CP2 and CP3 (22.9 and 20% respectively). A more prominent reduction was seen with participants having bloating ‘nearly every day’ (CP1: 45.7%; CP2 and CP3: 20% each).


There was a significant drop in symptom severity. Participants reporting ‘moderate’ and ‘distracting’ severity of their bloating symptoms at CP1 (62.9 and 25.7 respectively), experienced a halving of these symptoms by more than 50% (CP2: 37.1 and 14.3; CP3: 28.6 and 2.9% respectively). Noticeably, 2.9% of patients reporting ‘severe’ bloating symptoms at CP1 did not report the same severity at CP2 and CP3 (FIGURE 1).

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A drop in participants' gas symptoms was observed between CP1 (20%) and CP2 (8.6) who reported frequency of ‘experiencing gas after meals’ as ‘Several times a month’. A similar drop between the said checkpoints was also observed for those who had the symptom ‘Several times a week’ (42.9 at CP1 and 34.3 at CP2), and those who experienced gas ‘Nearly every day’ (17.1 at CP1 and 2.9 at CP2) (Table 2 section B1).


Similar to the pattern observed in bloating symptoms, there was a significant drop in symptom severity for gas as well. Participants reporting ‘moderate’ and ‘distracting’ severity of their bloating symptoms at CP1 (42.9 and 17.1 respectively), reported a reduction in both (CP2: 31.4 and 14.3; CP3: 28.6 and 5.7% respectively). Also similar to the effect found for bloating related to participants having severe symptoms (5.7% at CP1) did not report the same severity of gas at CP2 and CP3 (FIGURE 2).

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A positive trend was observed in the percentage of participants reporting resolution of heartburn; participant percentage having no heartburns increased from 11.4% at CP1 to 20% at CP2, and 22.9 at CP3. More participants (having heartburn ‘Several times a month’) felt relieved of this symptom while being on Bloat and Bloat + Calm (CP1: 8.6%; CP2: 5.7%; CP3: 5.7%). Interestingly, there was initially an increase in heartburn in those who had the symptom ‘Nearly every day’ (8.6% at CP2 vs 5.7% at CP1), only to decrease to 2.9 at CP3.

Symptom resolution was improved from 5.7% (CP1) to 20% (CP2) and 22.9% (CP3). A decreasing trend was found amongst the sample across the three checkpoints for ‘mild’, ‘moderate’, ‘distracting’, and ‘severe’ symptoms (FIGURE 3).

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About Citruslabs

Clinical trials for consumer brands 

Citruslabs’ mission is to provide robust, affordable clinical trials for brands. We are setting new standards for creating research-backed product claims for supplements, skincare products, devices, CBD products, health foods, and superfoods.

Citruslabs’ mission is to provide robust, affordable clinical trials for brands. We are setting new standards for creating research-backed product claims for supplements, skincare products, devices, CBD products, health foods and superfoods.

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