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Study on Arrae's Bloat and Calm Alchemy Capsules by Citruslabs

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Arrae was founded by Siff Haider and Nish Samantray on the simple principle to help women feel their best so that they can be their best. The company created 100% natural supplements for modern women because you should eat what you want - whether that means a salad with Brussels sprouts or a pizza.

What are the Bloat and Calm supplements?

Bloat is a blend of 5 herbs and fruit-based digestive enzymes that target the causes for bloating after meals. Arrae’s Calm Alchemy Capsules were also tested as part of this study to see if they work synergistically to Bloat in reducing bloating and other IBS symptoms. Calm is a blend of 4 herbs, minerals, and vitamins that aim to calm down the body.

How were the Bloat and Calm supplements tested?

Arrae's Bloat and Calm were tested with a single-arm observational study that took place over eight weeks. Participants all tried both the Bloat and Calm Alchemy Capsules, and took the Bloat Capsules alone for the first four weeks of the study, and in the latter four weeks added Calm to their daily routine.

Can Brands Test a Line of Products at once?

In some cases, brands have designed a series of products to work together in providing health and wellness benefits. These items, such as the Arrae Bloat & Calm products, may be tested together to ascertain both the indidividual products' effects and their impacts on participants when used together.

Benefits of Clinical Research for Arrae and Other Brands

Conducting clinical research enables Arrae to demonstrate their Bloat and Calm supplements are effective in improving digestion and stress symptoms. This kind of scientific support is essential for consumer brands to stand out in an ever-crowded market place and to ensure regulatory approval. Without research to back up their claims, brands risk appearing untrustowrthy to consumers.

To combat this, clinical trials such as the observational model used by Arrae allow your brand to obtain tangible results about your formula's performance, quickly and affordably.

Study results for the Bloat and Calm Capsules


After using Bloat 83 % of study participants were satisfied with the results, 77 % had amelioration of symptoms within 1-2 hours, while 71% felt less gaseous. While using Calm along with Bloat, 86% were satisfied, 74% felt reductions in symptoms within 1-2 hours, while 77% felt less gaseous.

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