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Study on ASYSTEM's Complete Calm System by Citruslabs

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ASYSTEM follows a unique Functional By Design® Methodology, which is utilized across all products. It merges a formulation approach combining cutting-edge clinical ingredients with the best that nature has to offer, along with a design approach rooted in behavioural psychology.

What is the Complete Calm System?

ASYSTEM developed a line of supplementation to specifically address challenges with sleep in the modern world. The Complete Calm supplement line consists of the "De-stress Gummies" and "Sleep Gummies". Both products contain a blend of adaptogens, terpenes, and Safr'Inside. The overall goal of these supplements is that users experience improved sleep quality and duration, as well as reduce their stress and anxiety.

This trial is an exploratory look at the Complete Calm supplement with the main goal of understanding how Complete Calm supports healthy sleep habits, reduces stress and anxiety, as well as lifting mood. The Complete Calm System contains key ingredients such as Safr'Inside™, Lion’s Mane Extract, Rhodiola Extract, Lemon Balm Extract, and more.

How were the Complete Calm supplements tested?

A total of thirty-three (33) individuals were recruited for the Complete Calm clinical study. Participants were either male or female, aged between 24-45 years old. All participants reported (self-perceived) one or several of the following health and well-being concerns: mild to moderate sleep issues, mild to moderate anxiety, stressful lifestyle.

This clinical study followed an observational single-arm study design, with participants taking ASYSTEM's De-Stress gummy during the day and the Sleep gummy at night for four weeks.

What is a Single-Arm Observational Trial?

In single arm trials, there is only one study group who all receive the product being tested. There is no blinding or placebo used. Participants are followed for a pre-determined period of consistent product usage and observed for any effects on symptom reduction, wellness improvement, or other study endpoints. Biomarkers (for example, blood tests to examine glucose levels or vitamin deficiencies) may be used to collect data, in addition to validated questionnaires.

Benefits of Clinical Research for ASYSTEM and Other Brands

This clinical trial design is a great choice for supplement or skincare brands who want to support their product claims with scientific evidence.

It is essential to provide support for your product claims, as failure to do so can result in lessened consumer trust, invalid claims, and even legal repurcussions from regulatory authorities such as the FDA and FTC.

The single-arm observational model allows your brand to obtain tangible results about your formula's performance quickly and affordably.

Study results for the Complete Calm System


The Complete Calm system was very effective in helping participants get more sleep, have deeper sleep, experience fewer issues falling back asleep after waking up, have fewer difficulties falling asleep, and feeling more refreshed after sleeping.

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