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Study on Chef V's Green Drink 21 day Detox by Citruslabs

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Chef V

Chef V is a thriving blended juice cleanse company offering a variety of cleansing options. Chef V has kitchens across America. Their delicious, life-changing, certified organic green juices, protein shakes and detox soups are made daily and delivered to your front door, fresh.

What are the 21-day Detox and Green Drink?

Chef V's Green Drink contains 7 Super Greens that were specifically selected to help you detox your liver, fight inflammation, reduce cholesterol and much more. Refreshing, cold-blended greens contain a hint of sweetness with options from as low as 3 grams of sugar and 26 calories per serving.

How was the Green Drink tested?

The 21-Day Detox and Green Drink supplements were tested using an interventional trial model with 38 men and women. As the trial was single-armed, all participants used the products for 28 days (first using the 21 day detox alongside continuing to use the Green Drink for a follow-up week.)

What is an Interventional study?

These kinds of clinical trials allow brands to capture data, such as biomarkers and participant feedback, during an intervention period wherein participants consistently test out their products. These studies investigate specific primary endpoints (which are the anticipated effect of a formula on given measures), rather than observing the general effects of a product.

Benefits of Clinical Research for Chef V and Other Brands

The interventional model used by Chef V provides concrete quantitative and qualitative evidence in favor of their formula's performance. This is the bedrock for creating product claims which are supported by science, a crucial part of maintiang regulatory approval as well as brand transparency and trust.

Study results for Chef V's Green Drink

Chef V

Following the 21 Day Detox, participants reported significant improvements in muscle fatigue, body aches, joint aches, back pain and neck pain, energy levels, sleep issues, ability to focus and brain fog, hair loss, dark circles under eyes, acne, dry skin, constipation and bloating. The data from the blood samples and surveys made it clear that the Chef V products elicited a positive change in the participants’ health and well-being during the trial.

About Citruslabs

Clinical trials for consumer brands 

Citruslabs’ mission is to provide robust, affordable clinical trials for your brand. We are setting new standards for creating research-backed product claims for supplements, skincare products, devices, CBD products, health foods, and superfoods.

We can do it all

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