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Study on ColonBroom Premium by Citruslabs

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ColonBroom aims to empower individuals to lead healthier, happier lives with ColonBroom Premium, a supplement to support digestive health.

What is ColonBroom Premium?

ColonBroom Premium is a plant-based dietary fiber complex aimed at promoting digestive health, aiding in weight loss, and relieving constipation.

How was ColonBroom Tested?

In this single-group trial, participants took ColonBroom Premium daily for 12 weeks. The dosage started at one serving per day for the first week, escalating to two servings per day. Participants were instructed to consume the supplement 30-60 minutes before meals and no less than two hours before sleeping.

We collected data through baseline assessments, weekly questionnaires, weigh-ins, body measurements, and "after" photos taken at Week 12. The questionnaires were tailored to assess the supplement’s impact on participants’ general and gut health. The study was conducted virtually, making it convenient and accessible for participants and to mirror real-world usage scenarios.

Benefits of Research for ColonBroom and Other Brands

In the case of ColonBroom, the study provided scientific evidence to back up ColonBroom's claims about weight management, gut health, and general well-being. The study showed that participants experienced positive changes in weight, digestion, and overall health within the first few weeks. The data from the study can be used to inform the development of future ColonBroom products or refinements to the existing formula.

Study Results for ColonBroom


Participants demonstrated statistically significant improvements in various health metrics after 12 weeks of consistent use, with notable changes observed as early as week 1:

Weight and Body Measurements: There was a marked reduction in body weight, waist, hip, and thigh circumferences, highlighting the supplement's role in effective weight management.

Gut Health: Improvements in digestion, regularity, and discomfort relief became apparent within two weeks, demonstrating the supplement's rapid impact on digestive health.

General Well-being: Increases in energy levels, mood, mental well-being, and focus were reported early in the trial, emphasizing the supplement's rapid impact on overall health.

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