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Study on Common Heir's Retinol Serum by Citruslabs

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Common Heir - Retinol

Common Heir believes the most coveted skincare could also be kind to the environment and good to the community who loves it. Angela Ubias and Cary Lin founded Common Heir in 2020 for people looking to cultivate beauty in the world. They transform your traditions with clean, plastic-free, high-performance skincare.

What is the retinol serum?

Retinol Serum comes in plastic-free packaging. The formula is designed with Vitamin A and boosted by smoothing botanicals that detox and repair skin, while squalane and algae oil nourish for clinically-proven results without irritation.

How was the retinol serum tested?

The retinol serum was tested with a six week clinical study, with a skin acclimation period at the start. The serum was then tested nightly by all partipants, allowing Common Heir to collect data about user's experiences and skin changes with extended use.

Clinical Trials vs. Consumer Perception Studies in Skincare

Traditionally, skincare clinical trials involve collecting quantifiable data about a product's performance on certain endpoints. For instance, an interventional model may be used to test how well a serum reduces the occurence of breakouts when used daily for eight weeks. Professional skin analysis may occur in addition to participants reporting breakouts. Consumer perception studies instead focus on participants' self reported experiences of a product. In the breakout-fighting serum example, participants in a consumer perception study might also use the product for eight weeks and provide feedback via. validated questionnaires.

Benefits of Clinical Research for Common Heir and Other Brands

Without clinical evidence, it can be difficult for consumers to trust that product claims accurately present a formula's benefits. In the case of Common Heir, it is espescially vital for skincare products to have clinical backing, as claims within the industry can often be vague or overstated. Clinical support enables skincare brands to maintain regulatory approval and consumer loyalty.

Study results for Common Heir's retinol serum

Common Heir - Retinol

In a six-week study with subjects aged 18-55, 82% of the participants saw an improvement in hyperpigmentation and 96% said they’d recommend it to a friend.

About Citruslabs

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Citruslabs’ mission is to provide robust, affordable clinical trials for your brand. We are setting new standards for creating research-backed product claims for supplements, skincare products, devices, CBD products, health foods, and superfoods.

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