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Study on Parable's Daily™ supplement by Citruslabs

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Parable was created to help more people care for their brains in an easy and effective way. When we feel well, we are better equipped to navigate life's challenges and experiences. Ultimately, their goal is to help people become better humans by prioritizing brain health. Testing their product in a clinical trial was an obvious next step.

What is the Daily™ supplement?

Daily™, tested in this trial includes, curcumin, lemon balm, ginseng, phosphatidylserine, green tea extract, and B vitamins (B6, B9, B12) based in powdered oat milk. Easy to add to a drink or a smoothie every day.

How was the Daily™ supplement tested?

Smart Prints dog pads are designed to keep floors and textiles dry and clean.

Why Use Third Party Research?

Third party research, such as that which is conducted by a contract research organization (CRO) is usually more ethical than in-house research. This is because third parties are more objective and uninvested in the outcome of the research, and simply cater to the validity of the data itself. This kind of research is more appealing to consumers, as it demonstrates your brand's commitment to transparency and authenticity.

Benefits of Clinical Research for Parable and Other Brands

Our collaboration with Parable showcases the powerful product claims that can be created through independent clinical research. Though Parable is pursuing continuous research, they have already implemented their study with us onto their website and marketing claims. This grants their customers deeper insight into their formula's powerful effects on brain health and mental wellbeing.

Study results for Parable's Daily™


Results showed statistically significant improvements to brain function and well-being. Participants reported a reduction in occasional anxiety, brain fog, and burnout symptoms; improved focus and working memory; increases in productivity, energy levels, mental clarity; and the ability to handle daily stress.

About Citruslabs

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Citruslabs’ mission is to provide robust, affordable clinical trials for your brand. We are setting new standards for creating research-backed product claims for supplements, skincare products, devices, CBD products, health foods, and superfoods.

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