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Study on Saie's Hydrabeam by Citruslabs

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Saie Beauty - Concealer

The company believes clean, natural beauty products should wear well and look just as good as traditional products. Their efforts extend to packaging and shipping, which their partnerships with climate change non-profits help ensure are as sustainable as possible. Saie has received rave reviews from clean beauty enthusiasts on their range of makeup products and decided to keep up the momentum with clinical research through Citruslabs.

What is Hydrabeam?

Hydrabeam is a lightweight undereye concealer that boasts "just enough coverage" combined with a generous dose of moisturizing, firming, and smoothing super ingredients. The concealer provides illumination while caring for the skin underneath with powerhouse ingredients like Squalane, Glycerin, Cucumber, and Tomato extract.

Trending: Cosmetics That Care For Skin

Hydrabeam joins the ranks of cosmetic products designed to care for your skin underneath makeup. Many cosmetics brands are designing these kinds of products, making it crucial for brands offering them to support their product claims with clinical research. This is the best way to highlight how a makeup product impacts the area of application over time.

Do Cosmetics need Clinical Research?

Cosmetics are required to be tested in a scientifically sound matter by the FDA. Further, this kind of testing is required in order to market your cosmetics products as providing any benefit to consumers' wellbeing. For example, Saie's Hydrabeam can only be advertised as improving undereye health because they have pursued the necessary research to support this claim.

Benefits of Clinical Research for Saie and Other Brands

Carefully researched cosmetic product claims are the best way for brands to appeal to today's increasingly-savvy consumers. Saie is a great example of a brand providing clinical support for their products in order to maintain transparency and authenticity.

Study results for Saie's Hydrabeam

Saie Beauty - Concealer

In a four week trial conducted with 33 women ages 18-45, the concealer brightened and illuminated, hydrated and moisturized skin around the eyes.

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