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How to bring your clinical trial back on track after COVID-19?


Insights and tips on how to resume your trial and improve your trial efficiency 

Optimize your patient recruitment process

Patient recruitment is essential to the success of any clinical trial. Every researcher knows that an adequate sample size is necessary for the validity of a clinical study. The good news is even though many clinical trials are on hold right now, patients' interest in participating in a clinical trial is at an all-time high.

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Improve your site engagement strategy

One issue we often see is the failure of clinical trials due to a lack of site engagement, which results in early dropouts and dissatisfaction on everybody's end. Implementing technology for effective engagement strategy early on can drive important metrics like patient enrollment and retention, operational efficiency and compliance with the protocol.

Implement technology to improve your 


A sophisticated patient recruitment software is the answer to efficient patient recruitment and healthy patient retention - it makes screening, scheduling,

and communicating with patients easy and efficient and allows you to target patients specifically to your trial criteria.

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We got your back - how Citruslabs can support you now

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We are working hard to set you up for success - patient sign-ups to participate in a clinical trial are on a high and the importance of educating patients about clinical trials has become undeniable.


Take advantage of the slow time and prepare for your clinical trial now.

Our Promise to YOU


Guaranteed Patients

Weekly Reportings

Clinical Trial Insights

As soon as your trial is ready to go, you will receive patients from us delivered into your dashboard to get started right away.

You will receive weekly 

reportings on the current status of patient outreach for your trial and updates on outreach activities.

We are here for you! Our customer success team provides valuable tips on how to get your trial up and running as soon as possible.

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Karen McCrea

California Research Foundation

San Diego, CA

We are currently working on a clinical trial and the sponsor chose Citruslabs to assist us with finding suitable candidates. Candidates were listed on their easy-to-use website where updates were quick and convenient to make. Citruslabs was very responsive to questions and very helpful in the referral process.


Anthony Liu

Research Coordinator

University of Washington, Seattle, WA

We worked with Citruslabs on a study where we recruited healthy male volunteers. The study was a little difficult to recruit for but within the first 10 referrals they sent over we were able to get a randomized patient. Citruslabs was quick to respond to any of my inquiries and always took quick action to fix any issues.

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Annie Hanks

Wasatch Clinical Trials

Salt Lake City, UT

We really enjoyed working with Citruslabs on a number of different Phase ll & Phase lll clinical studies. Their MindMate app has already referred us well over 100 pre-screened local study candidates in real-time. Having their own patient population means we can target specific patients, which helps us to boost recruitment also for the tricker studies we are running.


Want to learn more about how to get your trial back on?

Even though the current situation is uncertain, you can make the most of the slow time and bring your clinical trials to the next level. You can learn more about it here.

How to keep research sites motivated during a clinical 


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Patient recruitment  - the lifeline for research right now

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The future of clinical trials

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How Citruslabs is helping in the fight against COVID-19

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3 ways technology can streamline your clinical trial

Patient retention done right 

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What stops people from joining a clinical trials?

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3 clinical research mistakes to avoid: a biogen breakdown

Do you want to learn more about how Citruslabs can help you make the most of the slow time and bring your clinical trial to the next level?

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