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How Citruslabs is helping in the fight against COVID-19

TL;DR: Citruslabs offers free services for your COVID-19 studies!

With entire states and countries on lockdown and stay-home orders in place, the world came to a halt. The whole world? No! Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are working tirelessly towards the development of treatments and vaccines to help ease the COVID-19 crisis and bring relief to those affected. Economists are predicting already a bigger effect on the economy than the last big economic crisis in 2008/2009! Therefore, we need new vaccines and treatments against COVID-19 to restart our lives and the economy again.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are working tirelessly towards the development of treatments and vaccines to help ease the COVID-19 crisis and bring relief to those affected.

While Citruslabs is not conducting its own clinical trials, we work at the heart of them: streamlining patient recruitment. Without enough patients, researchers can’t collect enough data on the safety and efficacy of a new drug, treatment or vaccine. As a result, new medical innovations are not able to get FDA approved. Right now, 86% of clinical trials don’t meet their patient targets on time, which means that these studies are delayed - often significantly. Every delay means that patients worldwide have to wait for often life-saving treatments and they cost pharmaceutical and biotech companies millions!

To bring a new drug or vaccine to market, it takes on average ten years from initial discovery to approval. In the current light of COVID-19, experts anticipate that they have a vaccine ready in 12-18 months! But, with all of the lockdowns and stay-home orders currently going on - can we afford to stay at home for another year or two? Even worse: what happens when those trials are delayed (like 86% of all clinical trials)?

We know that patient recruitment is a big issue in our industry. We know that often it’s patient recruitment that keeps you up at night. We want researchers to do what they do best: conduct research, see patients, and let others, like Citruslabs, worry about patient recruitment.

We need to have a vaccine as well as treatment ready sooner than later to prevent and treat COVID-19!

To accelerate COVID-19 trials and also help all of us to get back to a normal life again, Citruslabs is offering our services and technology to all sponsors, CROs, and sites that are currently running COVID-19 trials.

So, if you or somebody you know is currently running COVID-19 trials, let us know here and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible and get you up and running with patients free of charge.

How does Citruslabs recruit patients?

Citruslabs’ bread and butter is technology. Unlike other companies in this space, we actually use technology to recruit patients for your clinical trials. We own and operate health-condition specific apps, such as MindMate, with millions of users.

Through those apps, we educate users about clinical trials and let them opt-in to learn more about clinical trials. We also collect medical, behavioral and demographic data about our users and can match them (once they opted in) easily to your trial-specific criteria.

COVID-19 Symptom Tracker

We also partnered with the amazing company Lazarus that created a symptom tracker to identify those who are likely to have COVID-19. Their software advises patients if they should rather stay at home (self-monitoring), or should visit their primary care physician or even go straight to the hospital. You can find a link to their tracker here.

About Citruslabs

Left to right: Patrick Renner, Roger Arellano, Susanne Mitschke

Citruslabs was founded by Susanne Mitschke (CEO), Patrick Renner (COO) and Roger Arellano (CTO) in 2015. The trio started Citruslabs because they know how it feels to lose close family members to illness. Their goal is to help research organizations via patient recruitment to find new, or better treatments for all sorts of illnesses - so that nobody has to lose a close family member due to premature death.

Citruslabs has been working on over 200 different clinical trials to date with large sponsors, leading CROs and sites.

Our goal is to not only help you find eligible patients to join your clinical trial but also help your study and recruiting coordinators in the process. Our state-of-the-art software helps your admin staff to stay on top of patient-recruitment tasks and put the usually tedious task of calling and following up with patients on auto-pilot.

Citruslabs investors include 2048 Ventures, One Way Ventures, Mucker Capital and Launch Capital.

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