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Congratulations to Poppi for completing a clinical trial with Citruslabs

All-natural drink for Gut health and better digestion


Poppi investigated their natural apple cider vinegar soft drink as an alternative to poor-tasting vinegar supplements in the hopes of addressing bowel discomfort and bloating. The inclusion of apple cider vinegar was predicted to address common gut issues as well as improve skin health. This was an open-label observational single-group clinical trial that used participant outcome methods for data collection. This means that there was one study group (the one that received the intervention); all participants received branded samples of the Poppi product and had to complete baseline as well as intervention questionnaires. 

About Poppi

Natural solution offers relief for chronic digestion issues 

Poppi is founded by husband and wife team Allison and Stephen, who created their flavored soda after Allison discovered how healing apple cider vinegar (ACV) was for her chronic digestion issues. The pair sought ways to make the prebiotic powerhouse ingredient more palatable and accessible for a wider range of people, and their naturally flavored fruit and ACV soda was born. 


Poppi's soft drink addresses common digestive concerns, like bloating, gassiness, and general discomfort. Their formula is targeted at improving gut health and supporting the body through the beneficial prebiotics in ACV, without the overpowering taste.

Poppi has successfully launched a range of different flavors available for sale online, at Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, and other supermarket chains. and decided to keep up the momentum with clinical research through Citruslabs. Their goal is to deliver scientifically informed formulas to their customer base and create claims based on the product's actual performance on real people.

The product

Poppi developed their own ACV-containing prebiotic soda composed of sparkling filtered water, apple cider vinegar, fruit juice, organic cane sugar, natural flavors and stevia. The goal of this prebiotic soda is to provide an enjoyable ACV supplement beverage that addresses the unfavourable taste profile of ACV that may discourage consumer use. 

Poppi Soft Drink -- ingredients
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Study design

This was a single-arm observational study over four weeks. Each day for the duration of the study, participants drank one 12 OZ can of Poppi in the morning, afternoon, or at lunch.  Participants completed a survey at baseline, week two, and week four to provide information about their perceived gut health, skin health and overall experience with the product.

The participants

30 male and female participants, aged 18+, completed the study. Participants needed to have a BMI under 30 and self-reported regular issues with IBS and/or poor digestion symptoms, including bloating, gassiness, heartburn, abdominal pain, constipation, or associated symptoms. All participants were generally healthy and avoided drinking other sodas or using gut-related supplements for the duration of the study.


Quantifying Poppi's gut-healing soft drink

This observational study conducted with Poppi is a great first step and foundational for their research. It established a baseline for their product's effects and performance. The next step for the brand would be to invest in a double-blind placebo-controlled study, the gold standard for clinical research. 

Aims & Objectives: To evaluate the effects of Poppi's natural ACV soft drink on symptoms of  IBS and/or poor digestion symptoms, including bloating, gassiness, heartburn, abdominal pain, constipation or associated symptoms.

Study design: Interventional and observational.

Methods: A total number of 30 male and female participants completed the study across 4 weeks, consuming one can of Poppi each day in the morning, afternoon, or at lunch. The participants were surveyed using an extensive questionnaire at baseline and weeks two and four and were asked to report any adverse effects in addition to any benefits noticed throughout the study.

Results: After consuming Poppi the majority of participants noticed improvements in bloating, gassiness, upper GI irritation, bowel sensitivity,  and other digestion issues. Further, participants largely reported improved skin health and appearance after four weeks of Poppi.

Conclusion: Poppi's ACV soft drink significantly reduces the severity and frequency of gastrointestinal symptoms,
and improves skin health.


Poppi's natural ACV soda significantly improved digestive symptoms in participants

This single-group study with 30 men and women demonstrated the efficacy of Poppi's ACV soda in reducing IBS symptoms, bloating, gassiness, heartburn, and other self-reported digestive issues. Additional benefits were found in participant's skin tone and texture.

82% of study participants reported less frequent bloating

84% experienced a reduction of gassiness and flatulence

66% of study participants saw an improvement in skin redness and tone

71% of study participants reported less stomach pain and discomfort

63% of study participants reported healthier, more complete bowel movements

58% reported an improvement in acne and blackheads

Gut health and digestion 

Final results were gathered through ratings on a multi-item Likert scale in order to classify the significance of symptom improvements. Measures of gut health were comprised of the severity and frequency of upper GI discomfort and outward symptoms, bowel discomfort, bowel movements and stool health. 

89% of participants reported a significant improvement in upper GI symptoms from baseline
to week 4 (P<0.0001). The majority of participants reported a significant improvement in the
frequency of upper GI symptoms (P<0.0001), as well as in bowel symptom severity and frequency (P< <0.0001, baseline vs. 4 weeks).


Skin health and other Benefits

With regard to skin health, 84% of participants reported significantly improved skin health from baseline to each time point (P<0.0006 at week 2, P<0.0001 at week 4).

Additionally, participants were highly likely (8.5/10 participants) to recommend Poppi to a friend. When asked to rate their overall satisfaction with the product, 39% of participants rated the product at the maximum scoring of 10/10, while 84% of participants reported a recommendation rating of 7/10 or above. These figures indicate that Poppi is highly recommended by study participants, and they were very satisfied with the study product.

2022-05-22 (1)_edited.jpg


Poppi significantly improves bowel and upper GI symptoms in participants with digestion complaints, and may further work to improve complexion and skin concerns such as acne. 

The effects of Poppi on bowel movements have further been reviewed through changes in stool type and bowel movement frequency. Daily consumption of Poppi was associated with participant-reported improvements in each overall category of gut health explored. . Poppi was very well received and enjoyed by participants as evidenced by the high recommendation scores. These results overall indicate that this study successfully completed all study objectives and therefore Poppi is effective in alleviating upper and lower gastrointestinal symptoms, regulating bowel movements, improving skin health, and is generally well-liked by consumers.

About Citruslabs

Clinical trials for consumer brands 

Citruslabs’ mission is to provide robust, affordable clinical trials for brands. We are setting new standards for creating research-backed product claims for supplements, skincare products, devices, CBD products, health foods, and superfoods.

Citruslabs’ mission is to provide robust, affordable clinical trials for brands. We are setting new standards for creating research-backed product claims for supplements, skincare products, devices, CBD products, health foods and superfoods.

We can do it all

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