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The complete patient engagement and retention platform, engineered for success.

Fully integrated platform that puts patients in the center. Reduces staff burden by engaging patients in ways not possible with CTMS & EDC platforms, or excel/paper systems. Helping sites to grow their revenue and scale their clinical trial practice.

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Everything you need to meet your enrollment targets

Advancing research one patient at a time

Clinical Research is moving quickly. Staying on top of what really matters was never easier. Never miss a patient interaction again and stop losing money on patients that are already in your system. 

Recruit at scale with a

human touch

Recruit patients from different sources. Making sure that patients are educated on clinical trials and fit your criteria. 

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Centralized Referral Management

Systematically engage with patients and be assured that each potential study participant is lined up for the next engagement. 

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Engagement Hub

Set your own rules for your patient communication through our automation feature, strengthening the site-patient relationship.

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Ease of


Never miss a patient interaction again by quickly connecting with newly uploaded candidates tracked in a convenient central location.

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Orchestrate efficient task management

Integrate your workflow through collaborative, prioritized & automated task management,  and easily follow up with all your patients. 

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Patient engagement software that grows with your business

Drive deeper communication

Create a series of touchpoints that drive meaningful engagement with (potential) study candidates. Engaged patients mean higher enrollment and retention rates. Stand out by providing an excellent patient experience!

More enrollment, less effort

Focus 100% on enrolling patients by automating all engagement touchpoints. This enables you to talk to hundreds of referrals without increasing your daily workload but increasing your revenue in the long run. 

Effective retention that works

See your automated campaigns and measure what's really working. Stay on top of your tasks, and sharpen your retention strategy across your trials.

Make your patients love you and boost your retention.

World-leading patient engagement software

Increase your revenue with recruitment options built to reach your recruitment goals. Optimize patient communication, and increase enrollment rates with no additional work needed.

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Boost your site revenue

Always improving


Less no shows for

scheduled screenings


Higher research staff



Higher patient satisfaction


Save valuable hours in your recruitment timeline. Increase on-site screenings, boost your enrollment targets, and retain more patients in your trial. 

With over 200 research sites using the Citrus platform to screen thousands of patients every month, researchers are getting one step closer to finding new treatments for hundreds of different health conditions. 



Security and compliance at the core

The Citrus platform includes security and compliance tools to help keep patient data safe and meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business.

Comprehensive security

Rigorous compliance

Data security is of utmost importance to Citruslabs. We invest in securing our infrastructure in close partnership with world-class security experts.

Citruslabs' infrastructure is certified to the highest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses around the world.

Patient data encryption

All patient data is encrypted on disk with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines.

Isolated infrastructure

Citruslabs infrastructure for storing, decrypting, and transmitting patient data runs in separate hosting infrastructure, and doesn’t share any credentials with Citruslabs primary services.

Ready to get started? Get in touch today and find out how we could partner with you

The Citrus platform includes security and compliance tools to help keep patient data safe and meets the highest certification standards to help reduce compliance burdens for your business.

or call us at 424-901-1530

World-leading patient recruitment software

We bring together everything that’s required to run successful patient recruitment. Citruslabs products power research on a global scale.

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