Welcome to Citrus 

Automated patient engagement with every interaction.

Citrus enables your site

to focus on what really matters

Boost your site's performance 

Spend more time with patients so you can reach your targets on time.

Maximise patient interaction and engagement 

Receive customized workflows to never miss a patient interaction again and increase retention.

Enforce positive patient experience 

Reduce patient drop out through a strong 'patient - research' connectivity and enhanced patient experience.

The future of patient experience is now

Keep your patients on track

Enhance your patient experience and create a positive relationship with your patients through personalized communication and trial-specific education. All automated!

Never miss a patient 

Put patient recruitment on autopilot and don’t miss out on patient interactions! Strengthen your Patient - Researcher relationship, keep on top of your patient recruitment process and spend more time enrolling patients.

Engage with your patients

Engage patients throughout your clinical trial and reach them on their terms. Provide interactive, trial-specific information and more information on their health condition.

Are you ready to make your site more effective and focus on what matters?



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