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Recorded Webinars

Explore our collection of recorded webinars covering a range of topics in the skincare, supplement, and cosmetic industries. Learn at your own pace.

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From Lab to Label

The Key for Building Trust and Preventing Consumer Skepticism

With guest speakers Cristina Parable (Parable) and Heather Bustos (Bustos Law Group)

​In this webinar, we empower brands in the wellness, supplement, and cosmetic industry to gain a competitive edge and foster trust with consumers. Our expert panel discusses the importance of clinical trials and transparency, especially when presenting results to consumers.


We explore best practices for making product claims, highlight key factors to consider when deciding which claims to pursue, and how to stay compliant with the FDA and FTC when making product claims.


Our panel of industry experts includes representatives from brands we’ve previously worked with (Cristina from Parable and Heather from Bustos Law Group) who share their insights and decision-making processes in these areas. ​Ultimately, you'll learn actionable steps for building trust, standing out in the crowded industry, and preventing consumer skepticism so that your brand can succeed.

From Data to Dollars

How to Turn Your Clinical Trial Results into Compelling Marketing Assets

With guest speakers Sam Frost and Bethany Schoengarth of Citruslabs

​In this webinar, we explore how consumer brands in the wellness industry can turn their clinical trial results into powerful marketing assets. We discuss the key data points that resonate with consumers, as well as how to effectively communicate complex data through visual aids that quickly illustrate the benefits for the consumer.

​Learn practical tips for creating impactful graphics and infographics, updating product pages and social media content, and crafting persuasive marketing messages based on your clinical trial results. 

​If you're involved in marketing a consumer brand, this webinar is for you!

​​​Here's what we discuss:

  • Understanding the key elements of a successful clinical trial marketing campaign

  • Tips for effectively communicating complex clinical trial data to a consumer audience

  • Strategies for transforming clinical trial results into engaging marketing materials, such as graphics, social media posts, and website content

  • Staying compliant with regulatory guidelines while still effectively marketing your product based on clinical trial results

Understanding the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act

Navigating Cosmetic Claims in 2023

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With guest speaker Heather Bustos of Bustos Law Group

​This webinar provides an in-depth understanding of the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act and its impact on the cosmetic industry. With new legal regulations for the first time in over 80 years, it's important for manufacturers, marketers, and retailers to understand the changes and how to navigate cosmetic claims in this new landscape.

In this webinar we discuss:​​

  • ​The types of claims that are allowed and prohibited under MoCRA

  • ​Regulatory requirements for cosmetic products and claims under MoCRA

  • ​Tips for navigating the claims review process and ensuring compliance with MoCRA

  • ​Best practices for substantiating cosmetic claims through clinical trials

  • ​Real-world examples of cosmetic claims that have been challenged by regulators and how companies can avoid similar pitfalls

A link will be emailed to you to access the recording

Bringing Clinical Research to Life

Best Practices for Communicating Results to Your Audience

With guest speaker Josh Carn-Saferstein, CEO + Co-founder of Birdhill

​The webinar covers best practices for presenting complex scientific information in an accessible and engaging way, as well as strategies for leveraging storytelling and other tactics to bring clinical research to life for a general audience. Learn how to effectively communicate the value and impact of clinical research to your customers and stakeholders.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • ​What to do with your clinical trial results when the study is over

  • ​How a brand can craft a strategy for creating and releasing content

  • ​Hiring a full-time employee vs. an outside partner for content

  • ​Which KPIs are important to track for content

  • The role photos and videos play in telling a brand story

  • ​Platforms to focus on in 2023

The rise of science-backed brands

How to create research-backed product claims

With guest speaker Matt Crane, Co-founder + Head of Product of Semaine Health

In this webinar we discuss:

  • Why Semaine chose a clinical trial

  • Clinical trials vs. consumer perception studies

  • Best practices and how to design a clinical trial

  • How to publish your clinical trial results

  • How to create claims based on research and data

Clinical trials for clean beauty

How to create claims for cosmetic and beauty brands

With guest speaker Cary Lin, Founder + CEO of Common Heir

Cary of Common Heir and Susanne Mitschke of Citruslabs discuss clinical trial implementation into a brand's identity. Uncover why Common Heir decided to go the extra mile with clinical results while launching their line of clean beauty products, and why the team believes that brands can increase their chance of success by using research-backed product claims in their marketing. Learn how clinical trials work and what to pay attention to in the process.

In this webinar we discuss:

  • ​​Common Heir's brand story and why they are building their brand around research

  • ​​Clinical trials vs. consumer perception studies

  • ​​When to conduct a clinical trial (timing)

  • ​​How to design a clinical trial

  • Budget

  • Setting expectations

  • What makes a great clinical trial

  • Managing a clinical trial

  • Creating claims that are research-backed

Get instant access to our most popular webinar recording

Creating Product Claims: Think Like a Lawyer

Heather M. Bustos (Bustos Law Group) and Susanne Mitschke (Citruslabs) reveal how to create product claims for skincare/cosmetic, superfood & supplement brands without risking legal trouble.

​Learn the pros and cons of different clinical trial study designs and how they impact your ability to make certain product claims. Gain a general understanding of which types of claims are allowed, which ones are a big "no-no", and learn how clinical trials can make a difference in substantiating your product claims.

​​​Here's what we discuss:

  • FTC’s revisions to dietary supplement advertising guidelines​

  • Recent updates to cosmetic laws in Congress

  • What makes a robust clinical study​​​

  • Different forms of study designs (we will discuss perception studies, single group clinical trials, crossover studies, and randomized control trials)

  • Different methodologies to collect data as well as their advantages and disadvantages (for example, questionnaire only vs. bloodwork vs. objective skin measurements)

  • Case studies from Bustos Law Group

  • Strategies on what to do when you receive an FDA warning letter

A link will be emailed to you to access the recording

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