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Wellness Brands Who Trust Citruslabs


Affordable clinical trial services

Elevate your wellness brands with attorney-approved product claims!

Product claims are your brand’s voice, your ticket to consumer trust, and your pathway to outshine your competition. But, let’s face it, the industry can be a maze of challenges: navigating FDA/FTC regulations, outshining other companies in a fiercely competitive market, and achieving your return on investment. 

Consumers have more choices than ever. You have to prove that your product works.


At Citruslabs, we understand the pivotal role research-backed product claims play in your journey. Not only do they keep you in the good graces of regulators, but they also address the growing consumer demand for trust and transparency, and thus, boost your business growth and brand recognition.


Here's what we've learned from our extensive work with hundreds of wellness brands, including renowned names like ASYSTEM, Common Heir, CARDON, or Arrae: Embracing research-backed claims can supercharge your ROI, empowering you to expand your distribution channels (think Target shelves), secure prime product placements, and carve out a unique niche in this crowded industry.

Why Choose Research-Backed Claims?

  • Regulatory Compliance: Stay on the right side of the FDA and FTC while confidently marketing your products.

  • Consumer Trust: You know your products work. Here’s your chance to prove it to your market–before they buy.

  • Maximize ROI: Watch your investments flourish as research-backed claims drive consumer loyalty and sales.

  • Expanded Reach: Third-party sellers are particular in the products they select for their shelves. Many are requiring brands to provide research to support claims

  • Stand Out: If you and your competitor are saying the same thing, you’ll stand out with scientific research to back up your claims. 

Who should choose Citruslabs: 

We provide affordable clinical research services for small and medium companies like yours that want to elevate their products while staying compliant with FTC/FDA regulations. 

Whether you’re just starting out or are already more mature in the market - we customize your research study for your goals, creating research-backed, attorney-reviewed product claims that help your business grow.  

Ready to take the leap? Contact us now and let's turn your products into a trusted, research-backed powerhouse!

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