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Site in North Carolina sees a significant decline in screen-failure rates

Location: North Carolina

Indication: MCI

Referrals ordered: 40

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MCI Case Study | Clinical Trials Citruslabs

"Knowing that Citruslabs provides our site with pre-qualified referrals puts me at ease. Great customer service and fantastic approach."

CRC, Site in North Carolina



A site described their screen-failure rates of one of the MCI studies they took on as extremely high. Radio ads and social media ads brought the site a high number of referrals, but the vast majority was unqualified. 95% of patients failed the on-site screenings, as did not meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria of the specific protocol. 


With Citruslabs, the site received pre-qualified referrals that met their most important inclusion & exclusion criteria already. Citruslabs screened for: 

  • Memory loss diagnosis; 

  • Specific medication;

  • MMSE score in a specific range; 

  • Location and other demographic information.


Now that patients are truly pre-qualified, the site has seen a significant decrease in on-site screen failures. The new patient recruitment method via  Citruslabs has also led to savings in budget and time, as the site has to screen fewer patients to get to the desired result. Additionally, Citruslabs' guaranteed patients approach gave the site piece of mind. 


Reduction in screen-failure rate


On-site screening pass rate


Enrollment rate

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