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Citruslabs Announces Partnership with Fitbit to Elevate Objective Data Collection in Clinical Trials

A data dashboard and smartwatches from Fitbit

Citruslabs, a pioneering name in clinical research for wellness brands, is excited to unveil its strategic collaboration with Fitbit, a global leader in wearable technology. This innovative partnership aims to revolutionize the way biometric data is collected and utilized in clinical trials, providing brands with unparalleled insights into the impact of their wellness products.

Evidence-based research is essential for wellness brands looking to make product claims. Citruslabs recognizes the crucial role of objective data in substantiating these claims. Biometric data, comprising quantifiable physical and physiological metrics, is the backbone of clinical research. By partnering with Fitbit, Citruslabs enhances the quality and scope of data collection, especially in decentralized clinical trials, further elevating the accuracy and authenticity of research outcomes.

Central to this collaboration is the integration of Fitbit's cutting-edge fitness and sleep trackers into Citruslabs' clinical trials. Participants will be seamlessly equipped with Fitbit wearables, allowing for continuous and real-time data monitoring. This dynamic approach not only empowers participants with easy-to-use technology as part of their participation but also ensures that brands receive a comprehensive picture of the effects of their wellness products–without delay or human error.

Susanne Mitschke, CEO of Citruslabs, emphasized the importance of this partnership.

"Objective data collection through Fitbit wearables marks a new era in clinical research. Brands seeking to validate their product claims will benefit immensely from the accuracy and reliability of biometric insights. This strategic collaboration underscores our commitment to revolutionize clinical trials, offering brands a powerful advantage in today's evidence-driven market."

Brands enrolling their products in clinical trials with Citruslabs gain a competitive edge by leveraging Fitbit's state-of-the-art wearables. This partnership empowers brands to access a wealth of real-world data, enriching the research process and enabling more precise and impactful product evaluations.

As Citruslabs and Fitbit embark on this groundbreaking journey together, the future of clinical research promises to be more data-driven, participant-centric, and results-oriented. The collaboration seeks to redefine how wellness brands engage with clinical trials, fostering a deeper understanding of product efficacy and enhancing the credibility of claims.

About Citruslabs:

Citruslabs empowers wellness brands to substantiate their product claims through evidence-based research. By leveraging the latest technologies and strategic partnerships, Citruslabs is committed to revolutionizing clinical trials and ensuring that brands receive accurate, reliable, and impactful insights that help them build consumer trust, further business growth, and create a competitive advantage.

About Fitbit:

Fitbit, a leading global brand in the field of wearable technology, is dedicated to empowering individuals to lead healthier, more active lives. With a comprehensive range of innovative products, including fitness and sleep trackers, Fitbit has become synonymous with accurate data collection and meaningful insights


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