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Citruslabs Brand of the Year: Playground

We have a winner! We are thrilled to announce Playground as the recipient of our esteemed Brand of the Year Award 2024. Congratulations, Playground!

The 'Brand of the Year Award 2024' isn't your average award – it aims to honor brands that have brought joy to consumers' wellness journeys and are committed to complete transparency through research-backed products. After inviting wellness consumers across the internet to vote for their favorite brand, we are delighted to shed light on our winner Playground's dedication to science-backed products that truly sets it apart in the competitive consumer market

About Playground

Playground was made for every woman who wants more bliss in the bedroom and a deeper (and easier) connection with themselves and their partners. Their range of full-sensory products sparks all five senses and multiple erogenous zones—enhancing mood, mind, and libido. Intentionally designed for a woman’s unique needs and desires, Playground’s proprietary formulas contain innovative biotech formulations and chemistry-enhancing ingredients. With a modern approach to intimacy and a focus on well-being, Playground is a brand that empowers individuals to explore, connect, and enjoy their journeys to the fullest.  

Playground's dedication to science-backed products

Playground has exemplified unwavering dedication to producing research-backed products, entrusting Citruslabs with the testing of multiple of their products. This ongoing collaboration highlights Playground's consistent commitment to scientific validation throughout its product development journey.

The successful testing of their initial two products, the Love Sesh Personal Lubricant and MoodMaker Intimacy Oil underscores their commitment to providing consumers with products that not only meet but exceed expectations. Playground's emphasis on rigorous research and testing with Citruslabs reflects its mission to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness in all its offerings, demonstrating a commendable dedication to delivering reliable and innovative solutions to its valued customers.

Congratulations, Playground!


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