Coronavirus update: raising awareness of clinical trials

The UK government is now urging doctors and medical professionals across the country to recommend patients for ongoing drug trials. Action has been taken after NHS England’s medical director, Stephen Powis, warned the government, in a letter delivered earlier this week, that life-saving knowledge of the disease can only be gathered via large-scale medical research. Powis states: ‘As yet, there are no proven treatments for COVID-19. We need to gather reliable evidence through clinical trials.’

As measures are now being taken across the UK to increase awareness of clinical research, we thought it would be best to reflect on how we as a company can help medical researchers everywhere in raising awareness. In addition to our partnership with Lazarus, that will help promote new and essential symptom-checker software, we’ve had a search through our archives for the best articles that outline everything you need to know about clinical research and how you, regardless of experience, can get involved. Check out our top picks below.

Check out our archives

Here at Citruslabs, we know a thing or two about clinical trials. So, we’ve put together a list of articles that covers the ins and outs of any successful, research project. Whether you are a researcher yourself or are simply interested in finding out more, the Citruslabs blog is an excellent resource for everything clinical trial-related.

  • New to clinical research?

- Why we should participate:

- The facts and fictions of medical research:

  • Need help planning a trial?

- The best automated assistants for patient recruitment:

- The dos and don’ts of planning a trial:

- The future of clinical trials:

  • Want to know how to market your study?

- Destigmatizing clinical trials through marketing:

- Patient recruitment and the coronavirus:

- Patient retention and the importance of a patient-first approach:

  • Want to know about common mistakes and how to avoid them?

- Research etiquette and patient-friendliness:

- 3 research mistakes to avoid (a Biogen case study):

- Unintentional gender bias:

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