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How Citruslabs' Partnership Ensures Compliance and Trust in Your Wellness Brand

A partnership that benefits your brand

A clinical trial is an insurance policy for claims. But how do you use those claims confidently when scrutiny and lawsuits from consumers are at the highest they’ve ever been? Rest assured, Citruslabs confides in an outside legal counsel when crafting your marketing claims. This benefit gives your brand additional assurance in a complicated regulatory landscape.

Here’s how it works: we give you marketing examples based on best practices and based on your unique data results. However, we do want to clarify that although we have involved outside counsel on our side, this is no substitution for legal advice. For inquiries in these areas, consulting with a qualified attorney is strongly recommended. This is a critical step in today's regulatory environment, where even small mistakes can lead to significant consequences, including FDA warning letters and trouble with the FTC.

As with most regulations, every new update from the FDA and FTC is up for interpretation to a certain extent. We do our best to equip you with the most up-to-date knowledge by working with an outside regulatory counsel.

We’re committed to delivering the most comprehensive and effective services to your wellness brand. We believe this partnership enables us to do just that–giving you a great starting point for what you can and cannot say.

Why it’s important to stay compliant with claims

Staying compliant with claims is more important than ever, and this partnership can provide your brand and product with an additional layer of protection. Making false or misleading claims about a product can result in regulatory action, which can cause reputational damage and loss of consumer trust.

The FDA has issued warning letters to many companies in the past for making unsubstantiated claims about their products. Moreover, the FTC has taken legal action against companies for misleading advertising claims, resulting in significant financial penalties. Being transparent and accurate about product claims is not only a legal requirement, but it's also essential for building and maintaining a positive brand reputation and increasing customer loyalty.

In addition, the FDA and FTC have recently released legislative updates regarding making claims about supplements and cosmetics. Legislative updates mean these regulatory organizations will have a sharper eye on your advertising and marketing. Even small brands will need to stay compliant.

A legal starting point

No other contract research organization (CRO) or clinical trial providers currently provide this unique service. It is an added layer of protection for your wellness brand, allowing you to have confidence in the claims you make about your products after completing a clinical trial with Citruslabs. 

Most CROs will provide you with your clinical trial results at the end of your clinical study as the end of their contracted work. We take it a step further by synthesizing the data to extract the most important, statistically significant product claims, then we provide language to help illustrate these claims.

We work with an outside counsel to review the marketing claims from a legal perspective to asses them on a risk scale. We don’t want to provide you with high-risk claims that could cause scrutiny. You’ll feel confident taking your results and integrating them immediately into your marketing, website, and product packaging.

While we've got an outside counsel checking out the marketing claims after your clinical trial, it doesn't make us your exclusive legal counsel. You're unique, just like your wellness products, and every brand situation is a bit different. Our legal review can only do so much in a one-size-fits-all world. You're the expert on your brand, and you should have your own legal counsel to make sure everything is airtight.

A free resource for you

We hosted a webinar, "Claims & Compliance: Understanding FDA and FTC Regulations for Wellness Brands" in which legal experts with extensive FDA and FTC knowledge discussed the importance of compliance with product claims and the potential consequences of non-compliance. This webinar is a valuable resource for your wellness brand looking to ensure you’re making accurate and compliant claims about your products.

Overall, this partnership is a game-changer for your brand when completing a clinical trial with Citruslabs. Many brands have already gained the legal assurance needed to make effective product claims and they’re seeing the unique benefits that a clinical trial brings for their products in the wellness marketplace.

Want to make marketing claims with a solid legal starting point?

You'll need scientific evidence. We can help you create product claims that are based on your specific product. Talk with us today about how to get started with a clinical trial or a consumer perception study.


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