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Clinical Opportunities for Wearables and Apps

Mobile Health Apps and Wearable Devices have been grown in popularity over the past few years. Fitness Apps, Nutrition Apps, as well as Devices like the FitBit or the Apple Watch are getting more and more attention. These devices are not only good for the consumers, but can also be leveraged by research in different ways.

One way, in which apps and wearables can help research is clinical trial recruitment. Almost every trial has difficulties or facing at least some issues with patient recruitment. And apps, as well as wearables can help via their data to match the ideal candidates from their database to your trial!

Another way apps and wearables can help clinical trials is using them to conduct the trial. Like this, patients don’t need to leave the comfort of their own home in order to participate in the trial. The barrier of participating in a trial is lower and retention rates are higher. What is more, nowadays mobile health apps are absolutely capable in monitoring, diagnosing and tracking conditions or diseases.

Even if you right now don’t see wearables or mobile health apps participating in your trial, the revolution will come, probably sooner than you’re expecting.

Want to know more how CitrusLabs can help you with mhealth patient recruitment and conducting your trial? Get in touch!


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