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Walter's Wind Monster

Hi, I'm Bethany, the marketing manager here at Citruslabs. I'm pleased to introduce you to Walter!

Small dogs often get a bad reputation for being scared. But Walter? No, he is fearless!

Watler has been my little adventure buddy for years. We lived full-time on the road traveling in our Sprinter van all across North America. I like to joke that Walter has seen more of the US and Canada than most Americans. We spent most of our time exploring nature and of course, took Walter with us everywhere,

During this time, he stood down a bull in the dusty public lands of Arizona, encountered a black bear in the deep woods of Maine, met free-roaming horses in the desert, balanced precariously on the tip of a kayak, and met other people and dogs from all walks of life--all with full confidence and curiosity. He's my brave little companion and there's never a challenge he isn't up for.

But now that we've traded in the wheels for a more relaxed pace of life in Hawaii, I've noticed some strange scenarios that bring out a fear response in my boy! Things like:

  • Squeaky doors that move on their own from the wind

  • The sound that palm trees make when the wind blows through them (but only when he's inside)

  • The projector screen hitting the wall if it catches the wind

This dog is afraid of the wind!! I can't believe it. We always have the windows open because it's so nice here. Try as we might to comfort him on windy days, it just doesn't seem to do the trick.

Time for a Chill Pill

I'm a firm believer in supplements for people and pets. Even with nourishing food, there are likely still areas of our health that could use some support by taking well-researched supplements. Especially when you consider the scale of intervention, supplements are a low-risk option before trying pharmaceuticals (which I'm also an advocate for).

To me, it was time to move up on the scale of intervention to get this boy some relief from the big, scary WIND monster. I set out to research with my requirements in hand. The supplement had to be:

  • Science-backed (no snake oil here)

  • Tasty. If I'm giving him a supplement every day, it should feel like a treat

  • Easily acquired. For me, that means it's sold at my local pet boutique because shipping can be a hassle when you live on an island

We found our supplement and now, every morning Walter gets his treat. Even if there aren't strong winds that day, I feel better knowing that he's in a more relaxed state of mind. I still don't understand why he's able to take on the world with such bravado, yet cowers when the wind blows a little too strong, but aren't our dogs a reflection of ourselves? There are definitely some irrational fears I have, yet I consider myself to be ambitious and brave. Ultimately, I'm glad I was able to find something that supports his love for adventure.

Science-Backed Products for Pets--Let's Gooooo!

This challenge spurred me into a whole new world of pet health products. To be honest, it was a little overwhelming at first. It's easy to be swayed by trendy packaging and bold claims. But in an industry riddled with recalls, I went in with the most skepticism one could have for wellness products. That's why I'm thrilled that Citruslabs is expanding into this market. It's comforting to have real data to back up claims. Our pets can't always tell us if something is working or not working, so research here is even more important to me as a pet parent.

Walter's quality of life couldn't be better. He enjoys ocean views, belly scratches, daily treats, and now--he just lets the wind breeze through his hair without a care in the world.


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