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Breaking Barriers: A New Era for Women's Health Research

In a groundbreaking move, President Biden announced the establishment of the White House Initiative on Women's Health Research, acknowledging the historical underrepresentation and underfunding of women in health research. The Initiative, spearheaded by First Lady Jill Biden and chaired by Dr. Carolyn Mazure, aims to revolutionize how the nation approaches and funds research on women's health, addressing critical gaps that impact millions of lives.

The Urgent Need for Change

Despite representing over half the population, women have long been sidelined in health research, resulting in significant knowledge gaps with far-reaching consequences. From conditions like rheumatoid arthritis to menopause, Alzheimer's disease, cardiovascular issues, and endometriosis, the lack of targeted research limits effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies.

Consider the stories echoing in the wellness industry, where brands often grapple with limited insights into issues that predominantly or differentially affect women. For every woman navigating menopause or wrestling with the challenges of pregnancy, the lack of targeted research means fewer tailored solutions and more unanswered questions.

A Presidential Commitment to Bold Action

President Biden emphasizes the transformative power of research to save lives and enhance healthcare quality. The new Initiative is a bold step towards driving innovation in women's health, with a focus on closing research gaps that have persisted for too long.

“I have always believed in the power of research to save lives and to ensure that Americans get the high-quality health care they need. To achieve scientific breakthroughs and strengthen our ability to prevent, detect, and treat diseases, we have to be bold. That’s why today, we’re establishing a new White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research so that my Administration—from the National Institutes of Health to the Department of Defense—does everything we can to drive innovation in women’s health and close research gaps.”

First Lady Jill Biden's Call to Action

First Lady Jill Biden shared personal insights, expressing dissatisfaction with the prevalent lack of information on managing and treating common women's health conditions. The Initiative, she asserts,” will help change that by identifying bold solutions to uncover the answers that every woman and her family deserve.”

Susanne Mitschke, CEO and co-founder of Citruslabs brings her unwavering passion for women's health to the forefront.

"As a woman and advocate, I applaud this monumental step towards prioritizing women's health research. It's a call to action for all of us in the industry to contribute to the collective effort in improving the lives of women through robust and inclusive research."

The Presidential Memorandum Unveiled

The Initiative sets in motion a comprehensive plan involving executive departments, agencies, and offices across the Federal government. As a first step, the President is asking his Administration to:

  • Establish an Initiative consisting of executive departments and agencies across the Federal government.

  • Deliver concrete recommendations within 45 days to advance and improve women’s health research.

  • Take a targeted, high-impact approach. To deliver results quickly, Initiative members will set priority areas of focus where additional investments could be transformative—in areas of research ranging from heart attacks in women to menopause.

  • Engage the scientific, private sector, and philanthropic communities for new public-private partnerships.

The Initiative aims for swift, transformative results. By engaging scientific, private sector, and philanthropic communities, the combined efforts seek to advance research on women's health at an accelerated pace.

In a pivotal moment for women's health, the White House Initiative on Women's Health Research paves the way for a future where research is inclusive, impactful, and aligned with the diverse needs of women across the nation.

Want to read more about our motivations and actions behind women’s health research? Read CEO and co-founder Susanne Mitschke’s personal story.


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