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Dealing with Body Acne: Skincare Solutions

Even if you aren’t prone to breakouts on your face, acne can still pop up on other parts of your body. “Bacne” on your back is just one example of the most common sites of body acne, which can occur on your neck, arms, and even butt. Body acne can damage your confidence and present unique skincare challenges wherever it appears.

What causes Body Acne?

Just like acne on your face, body acne can be caused by a host of triggers. For some people, it is caused by puberty or even adult hormonal fluctuations. Changes in your diet or lifestyle can also trigger episodes of breakouts. Beyond internal causes, body acne has similar root causes to acne on your face: overactive oil glands, excess dead skin cells, and a build-up of bacteria within the pores.

How can you Prevent Bacne and other Body Acne?

Acne along your upper body is most common because these areas have sebaceous glands similar to the ones on your face, which maintain moisture, regulate body temperature, and even help to protect you from infection.

This means that these areas are particularly vulnerable to oil and skin cell build-up, which can be aggravated by a variety of issues all involving friction, heat, and sweat. If you struggle with acne on your back or upper body, try to avoid:

  1. Tight clothing, including snug collars and anything made from heavy materials that don’t let your skin “breathe.”

  2. Backpacks and purses that are adjusted too tightly. Any additional friction on your skin can cause inflammation.

  3. Unwashed or ill-fitting athletic gear. Athletic pads and other safety gear can trap heat and sweat close to your skin and cause acne. Be sure to clean your gear regularly and wear breathable materials underneath.

You should also be mindful of how often you wash or re-wear your clothing, towels, and sheets, as fabrics can trap sweat, oil, and bacteria that will worsen your body's acne. It is also important to shower after any activity that causes sweating, such as exercise -- even if it was non-strenuous.

How can you Treat Body acne?

Most people that struggle with body acne can find an over-the-counter solution, although more persistent or severe breakouts may require the advice of a dermatologist and prescription treatments. A consistent daily skincare routine is the key to clearing your bacne and breakouts anywhere else on your body.

You should opt for an over-the-counter body wash designed for body acne, which will likely contain one of the following common acne-battling ingredients:

  1. Benzoyl Peroxide

  2. Sulfur or Resorcinol

  3. Salicylic acid

Each of these ingredients provides chemical exfoliation that will help to slough off built-up dead skin cells and sweat, preventing your pores from becoming inflamed.

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