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Dive into the Minds of Your Wellness Consumers with Our Exclusive Report!

Understanding consumer behavior and getting their attention in a crowded market is more challenging than ever. We're thrilled to introduce our exclusive Consumer Report 2023, a guide for you to better understand your ideal customers and what truly motivates them to purchase wellness products.

Hear it from Consumers: Their Path to Trust and Purchase

We surveyed and interviewed over 1,000 consumers. We asked them questions about product claims, how much they value clinical research when choosing wellness products, factors that influence purchase behaviors, and more.

A commanding 92% of consumers prioritize clinically tested products, indicating a market driven by scientific proof rather than mere advertising claims

Here are just a handful of the statistics you'll find inside the Consumer Report:

Lessons from Trailblazing CPG Brands

Many leading CPG brands shared their perspectives after engaging their product in a clinical trial. Discover how these brands transformed their business outcomes through strategic approaches to clinical research and how they’re strengthening the consumer-brand relationship.

Eyal Tamir, CEO of Vitamins Revive, speaks to the authority that comes with clinical evidence:

“...the impact of providing valuable solid clinical trial claims dramatically raised our authority in the market!"

His experience illustrates that scientific validation can significantly enhance a brand's reputation and standing among competitors.

Key Takeaways: Plan Your Next Steps

Our report isn't just a collection of data; it's a toolbox of actionable strategies. Uncover insights that go beyond numbers, providing practical methods for building consumer trust, crafting compelling product claims, and excelling in the wellness marketplace.

Clinical trials are no longer a silent backdrop but a spotlight, casting a beam on the brands that stand by authenticity and believe in the efficacy of their products. This is not a trend. It’s a transformative shift in the consumer-brand relationship.

What we found in our research is the movement, spearheaded by consumers, will elevate wellness brands who are willing to conduct, communicate, and educate consumers about their clinical trials. The brands who can’t engage with these new standards will inevitably fall out of favor.

Our Consumer Report will equip your brand with the knowledge to not only stand out but thrive. This comprehensive analysis provides a clear roadmap to resonate with your target audience. When it comes to meeting the needs of your customers, the guesswork is over—welcome to a data-driven approach to success. Get your report now!


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