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How to boost clinical trial enrollment with Citrus

Ditch your spreadsheet with our world-leading patient recruitment software.

Clinical trial enrollment is notoriously difficult; this is why, every year, 15-20% of research sites fail to enroll a single patient! As most sites now realise, the key to improving these fragile statistics is by implementing a patient-centric approach to clinical research. A patient recruitment dashboard is your all-in-one solution to tackling this industry-wide issue by keeping the focus of your clinical studies on the patient.

Here at Citruslabs, we've created Citrus, the ideal fully-integrated patient recruitment and retention platform, to help any researcher: improve their current enrollment metrics with less effort, drive deeper communication, and boost effective retention that works.

patient recruitment companies clinical trial recruitment patient engagement and retention clinical research
[Your all-in-one patient recruitment platform.]

Further, we ensure research sites are connected to a thoroughly educated and engaged pool of participants with over 3 million patients on record; so, it is no wonder why we have such high patient confidence! Now, we would say that other models are available - but this would be a lie. In fact, unlike that offered by other patient recruitment companies, our easy-to-use platform is the first-of-its-kind for the market; giving researchers a unique insight into their patients’ wants and needs via industry-leading technology. The future of clinical recruitment and retention starts here.

Where are the problems?

We know that conventional advertising is a minefield when it comes to establishing a connection between you and your patients; and clinical trial sponsors know this too. The problem is that most public engagement with clinical trials, particularly through tv and radio ads, is untargeted and random. That isn’t all. For research sites across the country, the odds are against them by using hospital or physician databases too: it’s unlikely you’ll find candidates when 48% of sites under-enroll.

For research sites running trials over extensive periods of time, non-compliance is yet another issue that traditional trial enrollment metrics can’t offer a fix for. Some of the most common issues in this area concern compliance deficiencies in the following: participant safety concerns, clinical protocol deviations, informed consent violations, and failure to maintain adequate case histories. Yet, with the help of a patient recruitment dashboard, these could soon be problems of the past. Data collected from patients through an app linked to the dashboard can be carefully organised and monitored for any significant changes that could endanger the patient’s welfare or the integrity of their data during the trial’s run. Not only this, through a built-in messaging interface, research sites and patients alike can talk 24/7 with communication as easy as sending a text! Never miss a patient interaction again.

Why Citrus?

Using a patient recruitment dashboard software tool makes screening, scheduling, and communicating with patients a breeze. Whether you’re a site coordinator, administrative professional, or clinical trial sponsor, you’ll be able to log in and check on the status of your study’s enrollment, send communication to potential participants, and measure your enrollment goals. With a blinded access trial recruitment dashboard (like Citrus), clinical trial sponsors and CROs can even view their clinical studies’ progress without risking study validity. An easy-to-use clinical recruitment dashboard tool is the ultimate automated assistant for patient recruitment and retention.

patient recruitment companies clinical trial recruitment patient engagement and retention clinical research
[Our app Mindmate is #1 in 17 countries.]

What’s more, you can count on Citruslabs to deliver excellent results. A graduate of the renowned Techstar program in New York and a Forbes ‘30 Under 30’ company, Citruslabs is at the forefront of trial recruitment technology. Now, after developing a #1 health app in 17 countries,our mission for this year was to use everything we’ve learnt to create the ultimate trial recruitment and engagement tool - and that's what we've done!

patient recruitment companies clinical trial recruitment patient engagement and retention clinical research

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