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Men’s Supplements: Are daily multivitamins effective?

According to Johns Hopkins research, over half of American adults take a multivitamin supplement daily. Men are more likely to take these vitamins than personalized supplement regimes, leading to concerns about whether these daily vitamin and mineral supplements are a safe and effective addition to men’s health routines.

Do daily multivitamins improve health?

Multivitamins are often marketed as a once-a-day solution to gaps in your nutritional intake. However, evidence suggests that most multivitamins are unnecessary for the average adult. Daily vitamins often contain excessive nutrient levels that aren’t easily absorbed and used by the body, and often come loaded with fillers and preservatives that further dampen the health effects.

It seems that multivitamins do not effectively reduce the risk for heart disease or cancer, nor do they address many nutritional deficits as they attempt to be a “one-size-fits-all” supplement without regard to individual deficiencies or current diets.

What is a good alternative for Men’s Health?

Experts suggest that instead of a multivitamin, men should only take those supplemental vitamins which they actually need. For example, if a doctor has recommended an iron supplement or Omega-3 supplements in order to address specific health concerns.

A multivitamin is unnecessary for most people and can be harmful to some. Instead, opt for a well-rounded diet that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, and protein sources that provide your essential nutrients.

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