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Over 500 Feline Fosters and Counting…Jodi Understands Pet Health!

Hello! I’m Jodi, and I’m responsible for ensuring that customers feel delighted and “in the know”  during the study execution phase of our partnership. And I have the same commitment to animals and making sure that their little journey with us is unforgettable.

How It All Started

In 2009, we lost our feline Samantha (lost Misty previously); she was 19 and in renal failure. Her care during the previous years took our level of familiar fun/play care to a whole new level of daily specialized care, including round-the-clock meds, syringe feedings, injections, and nearly daily IV fluids. We found an intense devotion to providing this deeper level of medical care and, in 2010, accepted a volunteer role at the Cleveland APL and became foster parents to our first set of baby kittens with URI (kitty colds that can quickly turn to pneumonia if not treated), Dolce & Gabbana.

Since then, we have fostered over, well, we don’t know for sure, but hundreds of felines! Given our experience, the APL team likes to assign us to longer-term and challenging cases. The APL knows that “anyone who needs us” is our badge of honor.

We’ve fostered so many issues: post-op/pre-op, open wounds, cerebellar hypoplasia, UTI, infections, URI, nasopharyngeal stenosis, kidney stones, amputees, broken bones (hips, legs, tails), persistent diarrhea, anemia, entropion, enucleation, socialization, peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia, bottle babies, and more. We also foster felines that need neurological evaluation, and sometimes, we care for felines that are part of a humane investigation and hope that the offenders responsible for their injuries are prosecuted.

We've been honored with the Foster Care Volunteer of the Year award and have spoken about our work at the APL Fur Ball fundraising event. Since 2015, we have received the President's Award annually for our contribution to foster care service, our work, and our dedication to caring for animals. I’ve been interviewed on behalf of the APL several times, including a local TV channel.  

Healing & Transformation

Need I say more? For my husband and I, pet health and wellness is a transformative lifestyle that has not only reshaped the lives of countless animals but has profoundly impacted my perspective on the importance of pet health. Being a foster has provided me with remarkable insight into the comprehensive approach to pet health and wellness that considers all aspects of an animal's well-being, from nutrition and exercise to mental health and emotional support. And this parallels my approach to customers as well!

Pets are never seeking a temporary home; they want forever homes! And when an animal is with us, their life has been unexpectedly interrupted. So, one of the most gratifying aspects is seeing the remarkable transformations in the animals we care for. We celebrate each milestone. Just like I do with my customers!

Pet wellness transcends individual efforts; it's a collective movement towards a future where every animal is allowed to live a full, healthy life.

A Future Focused on Pet Wellness

In the pet health market, I’m seeing so many trends that are shaping how pet owners approach their furry friends' care and well-being. One trend I’m glad to see is pet telehealth services, allowing pet owners to consult with veterinarians remotely. Sometimes, just the act of bringing your pet to the vet's office can be stressful! Remote options also provide greater access to pet care to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access.

We all know AI is booming and used in everything–including pet health! We’re seeing AI analyze a pet's specific dietary needs and create customized meal plans. Wearable technology for pets is also gaining traction, with devices that monitor health metrics such as activity levels, sleep patterns, and even vital signs, helping owners closely monitor their pet's health in real time. There are non-invasive diagnostic tools, such as intelligent litter boxes (and smart litter) and wearable sensors, which can detect early signs of diseases like diabetes or urinary tract infections. Consumer demand is driving these developments and I love to see it. 

There are so many parallels between my role, delighting customers and foster care!  And our new pet health division is going to take pet wellness to a whole new level of care for pets!


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