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Meet Jodi Nicolli, Citruslabs Customer Success Manager

In order to learn more about the team behind Citruslabs, we spoke with Customer success manger, Jodi Nicolli about her role and hopes for the future of clinical studies.

1. What does a typical day in your role at Citruslabs look like?

"No day is ever typical at a startup - which is what makes it is so wicked awesome to be in this space. But, there are certain things I do on a regular basis. I’m always considering my customer’s health, success metrics, and my next communication with them. I work on creating stronger partnerships by using feedback to “hear” what customers might be thinking but, not saying. I habitually strategize about how we can continue to evolve by creating supporting processes. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about and optimize “process” and how to streamline things that could be bigger, better, faster, stronger."

"Based on my interaction with our software and customer experience, I help our product better hone in on what features will be life-changing for customers. I work on ways to have amazing onboarding calls with clear expectations. Currently, I’m spending lots of time focused on recruiting and running some clinical trials - this means dedicated time daily to pairing folks with an active clinical trial. We just launched some new --exciting-- software features so I’m doing training. Then of course, I have daily meetings, calls with customers to talk about supporting more of their clinical trials, and I follow up with referrals to talk about their experience. This is a glimpse into “my” typical."

2. Why did you want to be involved in Citruslabs, and in Clinical trials?

"One of my personal words is “impact”. And when I first read about Citruslabs, the most vivid memory is that “86% of clinical trials don’t enroll to target”. I felt like this had to be a huge disservice to the planet. Translated this means that the advancement of medicine is stunted and I wanted to learn “why” and how I could help turn that around! Also, reading the personal and raw reasons that Susanne, Patrick, and Roger started Citruslabs lit up a “tingle” that meant I needed to be part of this initiative. Being in this space gives me an opportunity to do something impactful at a personal level and at a “world” level. Imagine what an amazing feeling that is. We’re doing big things at Citruslabs, and I am seriously invested in our mission."

3. What do you hope Citruslabs is able to provide people with?

"Education. Hands down, I want us to provide folks with the knowledge that tips the scales and encourages them to be part of clinical research. I want us to provide inspiration to anyone that is capable of participating in a study. We are an education first, participation second company. I hope we can touch folks with those magical words that push them to volunteer for a clinical research study today (or tomorrow)."

4. What is the most rewarding part of your job? The most challenging?

"Rewarding is when we see an enrollment through and know that we just helped educate someone about clinical research + helped them get involved in a study that is meaningful to them, personally. Sending an email to a customer confirming that we have completed their campaign and have met their upload target is awesome. And getting emails from customers that they “enrolled another candidate” - really makes a killer day! All these things mean that we’ve impacted the advancement of medicine."

"The world of clinical research, in very large part, came to a screeching halt because of the pandemic and the “in-person” model at medical facilities that this industry relies on. I’m so challenged that more virtual models did not erupt - this was the perfect opportunity. And opening your enrollment to the United States vs. a small radius around your site and getting creative could have provided folks with the opportunity to do something meaningful during a really rough time."

5. Where do you hope to see Citruslabs go in the next 5 years?

"I see Citruslabs as the CRO of choice for the medical and CPG community. I see us having the most sought-after recruitment software tool to help sites increase engagement & enrollment. And I see us helping sponsors find creative ways to open up what would normally be an “on-site” visits - to instead be VIRTUAL, allowing more people to participate in clinical research. I want Citruslabs to be “the” educational tool that motivates the world to want to participate in clinical research."

"I also see us having a huge impact on one of my favorite things - startups! By focusing on where the rubber meets the road and early-stage folks build their business by having research to support their claims. This is very close to my heart!"

6. What is one thing you wish people knew about clinical trials? (Especially during COVID-19.)

"I wish folks knew that it is an HONOR to participate in clinical research! It’s crucial and the only way medicine advances."

Do you want to learn more about Citruslabs and the work that we are doing. Contact us here.


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