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Strategies for Conducting Affordable Verified Clinical Trials for Supplement & Cosmetics Brands

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Being competitive in the wellness industry requires constant innovation. As consumers demand evidence-based products with proven efficacy, bringing a new product to market requires an important step: conducting a successful clinical trial. While the value of clinical data is undeniable, the associated costs can feel overwhelming, especially for startups and smaller brands.

The good news is that we’re here to make this process feel more manageable. That’s why Citruslabs is proud to announce the launch of our Pricing page, setting a new standard for transparency in the industry - a value that is core to our business. 

In the coming posts, we’ll break down clinical study options and explore practical strategies to jump into the world of clinical trials cost-effectively.

The Importance of Cost-Effective Clinical Trials

Running efficient and affordable clinical trials offers a number of benefits for your supplement or cosmetics brand:

  • Get to Market Faster: Streamlined trials can expedite product launch, allowing you to take advantage of market trends.

  • Reduced Financial Risk: Transparent cost structures and efficient processes reduce the financial burden associated with clinical trials.

  • Increased ROI: Successful product launches are already resource intensive! Cost-effective trials ensure you get the most out of your research investment.

  • Greater Accessibility: Affordable trials make research more accessible to a wider range of wellness brands.

Strategies for Cost-Effective Clinical Trials:

  • Choosing the Right Study Option: Partner with experienced researchers to create a research protocol that gathers the necessary data without unnecessary complexity. This avoids wasted resources and keeps costs down.

  • Decentralized Studies: Decentralized studies, where participants can participate remotely, can be significantly more cost-effective than traditional trials at a single location. They also bridge the gap to real-world data, using technologies that capture data on participants’ daily lives and experiences.This can also streamline recruitment, further reducing overall costs. We have additional tips on lowering recruitment costs here. 

  • Leveraging Technology: Platforms and tools can streamline and automate data collection, analysis, and communication, reducing manpower needs. Options include software solutions, wearables, and digital markers to optimize your trial process.

  • Partnering with a CRO: A qualified Contract Research Organization (CRO) can provide expertise in cost-optimization and offer the benefits of economies of scale. They can help you manage your trial efficiently and identify the most cost-effective approaches.  CROs (like Citruslabs) can also help brands publish their results in a peer-reviewed academic journal and on

The Value of a CRO Partnership

While cost is an important consideration, there are additional considerations to keep in mind when conducting a successful clinical trial: 

  • Expertise: A team of experienced researchers and clinical trial specialists guide you through each step of the process.

  • Efficiency: A CRO will streamline your trial design, recruitment, and data management, saving you time and resources.

  • Quality: A good CRO maintains the highest scientific standards to ensure the reliability and credibility of your results.

  • Transparency: Look for a CRO that provides clear communication and cost breakdowns before the start of the trial.

To learn more, read our Pricing page here!


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