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Myths versus Facts of Supplements

When used appropriately, supplements can be a great tool to bolster your health and improve your wellbeing. However, it’s important to be well informed before you begin any new supplements and to avoid falling for any of the common myths surrounding supplements.

Myth: “The more supplements, the better”

Given the benefits many supplements can provide to your health and their availability without a prescription, it’s no wonder that many people assume loading up on as many supplements as possible will maximize their health results.

The truth is, large doses of any vitamins or supplements can interfere with the body’s systems and even prove to be toxic. Excessive vitamin C can disrupt your body’s ability to absorb essential metals, like copper. Worse, there are some vitamins that your body is unable to filter out in large amounts. Vitamins A, D, and K can all become toxic when taken in excess.

It’s important to take any supplements exactly as directed and to ensure you’re not doubling down on the same vitamins and minerals across different supplements as this can cause much more harm than good.

Myth: “I can eat less healthily because I take supplements”

While adding supplements to your routine can help to round out any areas of sparsity in your diet, it’s still vital to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Taking vitamins and minerals in the form of supplements is not a replacement for a varied diet full of natural sources of essential nutrients.

Myth: “Supplements can be a natural cure for anything”

Supplements, while often incredibly beneficial, are not a cure-all. Having the perfect supplement routine will not ensure any disease prevention or cure. However, it is possible to derive some relief of symptoms and possibly improve quality of life with supplements aimed at certain health concerns.

For instance, there are supplements that contain claiming herbs aimed at targeting sub-clinical anxiety and sleep issues. These kinds of supplement regimens may help you to maintain or improve your bedtime routine to get better sleep and better manage daytime stress, but will not be able to cure any clinical anxiety or insomnia.

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