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What does Pfizer's FDA Approval mean for you?

Following the approval of the Pfizer vaccine by the FDA, there are a few impacts you can be on the lookout for.

If you’ve already received the Pfizer or other vaccines, you can be more reassured that they have gone through the fullest extent of approval possible. For people who aren’t vaccinated, there is potential that we’ll see a huge spike in people choosing to get the Pfizer vaccine specifically, now that it has gained the FDA approval that many people claimed to be holding out for.

Some people are wondering if the Pfizer vaccine should still be used in those aged 12-15, which has not yet received full FDA approval. It is still recommended to vaccinate children in this age group, especially as schools reopen and more socialization and exposure will occur.

The vaccine still had EUA approval in this age group and there is no evidence to discourage parents from getting their children vaccinated. The only reason this age group has not received full FDA approval yet is because trials for those 16 and older were begun first, and data from them was submitted to the FDA first. It’s likely that younger groups will follow in the coming months.

In addition to an uptake in the vaccine for people who were awaiting FDA approval -- we’ll now start seeing companies and schools requiring the vaccine. There are many companies who were awaiting FDA approval before mandating the vaccine. Now, the many people who wouldn’t choose to get the vaccine on their own may be willing to do so if required by their jobs, schools, or social activities.

All in all, the full approval of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine means that you can be as confident in this vaccine as in any other medication or vaccine previously FDA approved. You can expect increased vaccine mandates in the workplace and in schools, and you will likely see a rise in vaccine uptake in your community as a result.

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