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A Supplement vs. Candida: CanXida and Citruslabs' Collaborative Clinical Trial

With a global presence in over 22 countries, CanXida has been providing quality supplements since 2013. But they don’t stop at the top. They believe that by constantly pushing to improve, they can make a positive impact on the lives of those who trust in their products. In a significant leap towards understanding and treating Candida overgrowth, CanXida, in collaboration with Citruslabs, has embarked on a gold-standard clinical trial. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study will evaluate the efficacy of an innovative anti-fungal supplement, CanXida Remove Candida Cleansing Formula RMV.

The Challenge: Candida Overgrowth

Candida overgrowth, primarily caused by the opportunistic fungal pathogen Candida albicans, is a growing concern. It manifests in various health issues, including vaginal complications, digestive disturbances, and persistent fatigue. The trial focuses on these symptoms, striving to provide substantial relief and a holistic approach to candida management.

The Study: A Virtual, Gold Standard Clinical Trial

This virtual double-blind, two-arm randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial spans 12 weeks. It involves female participants experiencing symptoms of candida overgrowth. The participants, blinded to the test brand, will either receive CanXida Remove RMV or a placebo. The efficacy is measured through candida microbiome testing and questionnaires focused on symptoms like vaginal issues, energy levels, and digestive health.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) introduced new guidelines on claims substantiation in December 2022. These new guidelines require consumer brands in the health and wellness industry to provide "competent and reliable scientific evidence" to support their product claims. This study design aligns with these guidelines by providing a structured, unbiased approach to testing the effectiveness of a new supplement.

The Collaboration: CanXida and Citruslabs

CanXida Remove RMV combines potent ingredients like Garlic, Caprylic Acid, and Oregano Oil, known for their antifungal properties. CanXida's expertise in developing high-quality supplements and Citruslabs' prowess in clinical research make this a formidable partnership. The trial adheres to stringent standards and protocols, ensuring reliable and unbiased results. Susanne Mitschke, CEO and Co-Founder of Citruslabs shares her enthusiasm for the upcoming study:

"We at Citruslabs are thrilled to partner with CanXida for this innovative trial. Our shared commitment to advancing health through science is embodied in this groundbreaking study. The potential of CanXida Remove RMV to revolutionize the treatment of Candida overgrowth is a prospect that energizes our team. This trial exemplifies our dedication to rigorously testing and validating health solutions, aiming to significantly improve patient outcomes and quality of life."

Implications for Future Supplements

The outcomes of this study could provide marketing claims for CanXida to better position their supplement for those suffering from candida overgrowth. A successful trial might pave the way for more effective, natural solutions to combat candida overgrowth, significantly improving the quality of life for those affected.

Stay tuned for updates on this journey towards a healthier, candida-free future.

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