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Supplement Brand Case Study: Care/Of Vitamins

Care/Of is a very popular personalized vitamin and supplement company offering a monthly subscription that is tailored to your specific needs based on your responses to a health survey. The company repeatedly claims to be “backed by science” and endeavors to be honest and transparent in each of its mission statements. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the clinical research behind Care/Of.

What’s the Research?

Care/Of, like most combination supplements, is not FDA approved, however they do tout an impressive body of clinical research. The brand even directs customers to in-depth studies conducted by external parties on each of the individual ingredients in their products.

Interestingly, Care/Of uses a symbol key to let you know exactly how much research has gone into their different products and even includes a specific distinction for traditional ingredients that have been trusted in various cultures across centuries but lack modern testing.

The Care/Of website claims, “Scientific research is nuanced and dynamic. We recognize this by classifying each product based upon a review of existing research. Our evaluation criteria includes the number of studies, consistency of results, magnitude of results, and methodology characteristics.”

This is an innovative approach to tackling challenges posed by all-natural products, as conducting internal clinical trials on these ingredients individually can sometimes be blocked by funding shortages and manufacturing issues (read more, here!)

Why this Works

This unique approach to clinical research sets Care/Of apart from other natural supplement brands, as it offers the utmost transparency and pushes customers to direct research sources conducted by people outside of the company. Nicely done, Care/Of!

This method could easily be combined with internal clinical research, such as Customer Perception Studies, which might allow the brand to reveal how their products actually work for customers from different backgrounds.

Want to learn how you can create research-backed product claims as well?

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